I'm an average housewife married to my bff (Mitch) with three beautiful boys, (Ryder, Bryce, and Finn) living in my dream of a house (3 bedroom rancher.) We started our married life here more than 5 years ago and we've been changing it ever since. I love decorating. Ever since my Strawberry Shortcake-themed room from when I was about 7, I've loved adding my touch to a room. Granted, I am in no wise a neat/organized/clean-freak person AT ALL but I still like to get my groove on making things look nice. Some other things about me: I love eating out. I cannot relax if I know there's a fly buzzing around. Nothing feels better than clean, crisp, freshly Tide-washed sheets on a bed. I grew up with four brothers so I can hold my own. I think meeting my husband is pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. Grammatical errors drive me insane. We're Flyers fans.

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