Friday, November 18, 2016

The Boys' Bathroom (FINALLY!)

Well hello there! How you guys been?? Long time no see!! I have some news.

Once upon a time, approximately four years ago, Bryce flushed a Thomas train down our (then) one and only toilet. Instead of replacing said toilet, I said to Mitch that we should just redo the entire bathroom. How hard could it be, right? Well...four years later...

...and the boys' bathroom is finally done. Woo hoo! This is what DIY looks like these days--as you can see, the projects have been fewer and further between. And believe it or not, this particular project is complete just in time for us to move. Those who follow MLST on Facebook or Instagram have gotten the news. For the rest of you, yes, it's true. We're moving! (enter shocked face emoji) We're still trying to wrap our brains around that one, but let's just focus on this completed bathroom right now or else there may be some tears. So, behold: the boys' bathroom! Gah...I love it.

Here's my original mood board for this room (from this post):

Some things have changed, but you can see that overall, it remained kinda-sorta the same(ish). Seriously, my mind is allowed to change over the period of four years, okay?! If we were staying here, we would have added a barn style door as the main door, but since we're leaving, I'm saving my door for the next house! I ended up painting the door my go-to color: Benjamin Moore Dragon's Breath. Seriously can't get enough of this dark gray color. It makes any door look awesome, even a cheap hollow-core one.

I love how this bathroom goes with the rest of the house. We incorporated many of the same details in here (like the subway tile) and kept the walls fresh and clean with white paint. But I wanted to mix it up a little bit, so we went with board and batten walls. It brings enough interest to the bathroom walls without being too "different" if you know what I mean. Everything just flows in our house now. 

Mitch, my tiling ninja, made my shower dreams come true. I seriously LOVE this shower. Since he's finished (over 2 weeks ago), I haven't taken a shower in our bathroom. This bathroom is so bright and cheery...definitely gonna miss this puppy when we move.

Here's the IKEA vanity base that we scored on Craigslist for $30. Mitch had to drive to Maryland to pick it up, but it was worth it, dang it. It's the old style base (the new ones have 4 drawers) but the current vanity top which we got at IKEA fits on it perfectly. I thought I wanted different faucets, but when we saw these at IKEA, we snagged them. The one handle is perfect for the boys.

The sconces are also from IKEA, as are the mirrors. I was afraid that this bathroom would scream IKEA, but in the end, I think there are enough of other features that balance out the big-box store feel.

And one of those big features is the ceiling. Pine boards. You know we have a thing for ceilings. So it was a no-brainer that we'd do something unique in here. We decided to keep it natural, and are going to protect the wood with my DIY board butter.

We were able to make a tiny linen closet in here. Mitch took the leftover cedar wood from Finn's closet and lined this closet with it.

So, that's what we've been up to the past four years...ha! But now it's on to new adventures in a new house.

In between blog posts, you can follow MLST on Instagram or Facebook. Stay tuned for updates!


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