Friday, July 31, 2015

Apparently I'm a Giveaway Champ...(Plus, Introducing Ol' Blue)

There's been a few changes made in our living room lately. First and foremost, we got a new couch. I say "new" but those of you who've been following MLST for any length of time, should know what that means... ;)

I got ol' Blue off the side of the road. It had a "free" sign on it. I even posted a picture on Facebook for you guys to weigh in on the matter: should I pull the trigger and pick her up? There were definitely mixed feelings about picking up a piece of furniture (upholstered furniture) off the side of the road. I myself had mixed feelings. But in the end, I pushed the negative feelings to the back of my head. And dove right in. Not literally. No way...this puppy needed a thorough cleaning first.

First, it sat outside in our driveway for several weeks (yes, that's what happens when you have 73 projects going on at the same time). Then Mitch and his dad took this puppy to the car wash. Yup, like the self-serve car wash. They sprayed it with the sudsy stuff first, then full blast on rinse. They rinsed it for a very long time. Then after all that, it sat outside for probably a couple more weeks, drying in the sun. I was still leery about bringing it into our house, so Mitch thoroughly cleaned it with an upholstery cleaner/vacuum. He seriously spent several hours cleaning it that second time. I have an awesome husband. This I know.

After that second thorough cleaning, I then felt pretty confident bringing it into our living room. And there it now sits. I will be honest with you--ol' Blue ain't the most comfy couch in the world, but it does the job. We really don't watch much tv, so we're not on it a whole lot. The back is kinda upright so there is a need for all those pillows that grace her.

It's definitely a burst of color in an otherwise pretty neutral room. I did switch out the rug (the leopard print and bright blue were not a good combo). Bringing in a neutral natural-fiber rug really balances out everything.

I recently picked up this wool ball garland from Sheep Farm Felt. I was able to customize the colors and I love the fun touch it brings to my mantel. 

And if you're observant, you'll notice I recovered our ottoman as well. The former brown fabric had seen better days. (The pillow on the far left, I won in a recent Instagram giveaway from Kate Marker Interiors. It's a Kelly Wearstler fabric and I think it fits right in with my pillow obsession collection.) 

I actually won the ottoman fabric from a giveaway hosted by Sherry Hart several years ago. What up, giveaways! I'll credit my lucky streak to my Irish heritage. :) I held on to the fabric for a couple years and finally think it found its perfect debut in my home.

I simply staple-gunned it right over the existing fabric. It was a pretty straight forward project that required no help from Mitch whatsoever! 

The candle and matches/holder were also part of the giveaway from Kate Marker.

And seriously, how cute is that little photobomber?

So, there ya go: our updated living room. If you hate the blue couch, don't worry--I'm sure I'll be mixing it up soon enough. But for now, it just adds a fun punch of color that fits our family right now. And, I mean was free. So what about you guys--would you pick up a free couch alongside the road? 
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. I laughed out loud when I read that ol' blue was run through the car wash. That is something my husband and dad would do. I have to admit I don't think I would have picked that up off the side of the road but it is a pretty cool couch and it looks great in your space. I love the garland and the H and 5 on your mantel. Did you make them? Your house looks great Now that I know the process of sanitizing an old couch maybe the next time I see one along the side of the road I may just bring it home with me.

    1. Hey, we've been known to do a few crazy things to save a buck or two! ;) The H was red; I painted it black and the 5 I did make on an old piece of barnwood. I love adding "our touch" to our home, so thanks for noticing! And yes, maybe this will give people courage to bring some a "sketchy" piece, clean it up, and give it a second lease on life. :) Thanks for your comment, Michelle!

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