Thursday, July 23, 2015

An Interview with the Hertzler Boys - 2015

A few years ago, I thought it would be fun to make up some random questions and interview my boys. I asked each boy the questions separately and wrote down the first answer they gave me. It seemed like a fun way to get to know how they think and would make for some good memories to look back on for years to come. Just the other day, I brought up that post and sure enough had a good laugh.

Since Finn was only 10 months old at the time, he wasn't able to participate. I decided now that it has been 2 years, I wanted to ask them the same questions to compare how things have changed in their little worlds since then. Does Ryder still have aspirations to be an ice cream truck driver? Does Bryce still think that Santa Claus is the President? We'll find out and this time I can include Finn.

Once again, here are the subjects:

3 boys holding American flags

First, I started off with a few easy questions. 

The answers in parenthesis are their answers from 2 years ago.

1)  What is your favorite movie
  • Finn:   "Thomas" 
  • Bryce: "Penguins of Madagascar" (Cars) 
  • Ryder: "Night at the Museum" (Despicable Me)

2)  What is your favorite book?
  • Finn:   "Dreams" - no idea
  • Bryce: "The one that the mouse tries to hide" (Train) 
  • Ryder: "Can it be like the Berenstein Bears?" (The Berenstein Bears Computer Trouble)

3)  What is your favorite food?
  • Finn:    "Toast"
  • Bryce:  "Eggs" (Eggs) - the boy does love his eggs
  • Ryder:  "Cheeseburgers" (An apple) - like father, like son!

4)  What is your favorite animal?
  • Finn:   "Thomas"
  • Bryce:  "Oh, I think that might be, actually....Flash" - his toy stuffed hamster (Thomas)
  • Ryder:  "Tiger" (A lion)

5)  What is your favorite word?
  • Finn:    " toys"
  • Bryce:  "Can I have some juice please?" (Flowers)
  • Ryder:  "Baseball" (My name)

6)  What is your favorite sport?
  • Finn:    "Baseball, Thomas, and Spongebob" 
  • Bryce:  "Baseball" (Baseball)
  • Ryder:  "Baseball" (Soccer)

7)  What is your favorite place to visit?
  • Finn:    "Going to the cabin"
  • Bryce:  "Nannan and Ma's" (Ma's) 
  • Ryder:  "Mom Mom and Pop Pop's" (Mom Mom and Pop Pop's)
Now for some harder and deeper questions.

8)  What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Finn:    "like Jesus" - wow, what an answer from a 2 year old
  • Bryce:  "A dad" (An animal) 
  • Ryder:  "A baseball player" (An ice cream truck driver)

9)  What is the best thing about your family?
  • Finn:    "Nothing"
  • Bryce:  "That I like to play with my mom" (Dessert
  • Ryder:  "That they sometimes play with me" (Watching movies together)

10)  Who is your best friend?
  • Finn:    "Dad" - ahhh, now that's a good answer
  • Bryce:  "Ethan and Hannah" (Ryder) 
  • Ryder:  "Ethan" (Ethan and Carter)

11)  What is the hardest thing about your life?
  • Finn:    "I don't know"
  • Bryce:  "Sin" (Picking flowers)
  • Ryder:  "My brothers are annoying" (Cleaning up)

12)  What 3 things would you take with you if you were stranded on an island?
  • Finn:    "I don't know, sand, and nothing"
  • Bryce:  "Blanket, pillow, and something to eat" (Thomas, a toy, and an animal)
  • Ryder:  "Food, water, and a baseball" (A boat, some food, and a bucket of water)

13)  What makes you happy?
  • Finn:    "God and Jesus. They don't fight, they care for us and say hi" 
  • Bryce:  "That Jesus rose again" (A birthday cake)
  • Ryder:  "My family" (Playing on Daddy's tablet)

14)  Who is the President of the USA?
  • Finn:    "Ryder"
  • Bryce:  "I don't really know, Jesus I guess" (Santa Claus
  • Ryder:  "George Washington... uh, no Barack Obama" (George Washington)

15)  Who is Jesus?
  • Finn:    "God "
  • Bryce:  "He is the One Who is really powerful" (God)
  • Ryder:  "Our Savior" (God)

16)  What is the best thing about summer?
  • Finn:    "Go to Christmas" - I don't think he understood the question
  • Bryce:  "That we get to swim in the pool" (Flowers)
  • Ryder:  "Vacation" (Going on vacation)

17)  How old will you be when you are 26?
  • Finn:    "3"
  • Bryce:  "30" (I can't know that) - Numbers aren't exactly his thing
  • Ryder:  "What? 26" (26)

18)  Do you like sharing a room with your brother?
  • Finn:    "Yes"
  • Bryce:  Big smile and head nod,  "Yeah" (Yeah)
  • Ryder:  "No" - Now has his own room (No)

19)  What do you think about girls?
  • Finn:   "Girls go to the Rec" - YMCA
  • Bryce:  "Nothing" (Toys)
  • Ryder:  Shoulder shrug, no response (giggles... um they like play with baby dolls and watch movies that are girly)
Right now there are more important things than girls like baseball, juice, and Thomas.

20)  What would you buy if you had a million dollars?
  • Finn:    "Money in my cup" - he then proceeds to go to his room to get his cup off his shelf  with his tokens inside it. 
  • Bryce:  "Probably like everything in every store" (A big basket full of cakes)
  • Ryder:  "A Wii, a baseball video game, a baseball bat, a baseball field, a pool, a new DS,  that's it" (The tablet that Mommy told me that was 7 inches tall)

Well I really enjoyed talking to my boys to find out how they think. As you can tell, Ryder has been pretty obsessed with baseball lately. He literally has watched the 2008 Phillies DVD "The Perfect Season" everyday for the past 2 weeks. Bryce seems to love Bible stories from church, VBS, and Awana and it shows in his answers. And Finn is a daddy's boy. Nothing wrong with that! :)

I would encourage everyone to do this with their kids. I know we hear it all the time that they grow up so fast. Well it is true. Being involved in their lives and learning about what they enjoy is a great way to build lasting relationships. God made them unique and gave us the responsibility to raise and care for them. Even if some (or most) days are chaos, let's cherish them while we can.

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  1. I love this idea! I also have a 7 year old, a 5 year old, and an 8 month old, all boys. I should do this with my oldest two.

    1. Yay for boys! Yeah, Mitch did this a couple years ago and we both read it the other day and thought it was time to do it again. The boys loved when I read them this post too. They got a kick out of each other's answers. I highly recommend doing it!

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