Monday, January 5, 2015

Every Closet Has a Cedar Lining

I always thought it funny that in our little white rancher that was slapped together in 1980 (very cheaply, might I add), all the closets are cedar-lined. I don't'd think they'd have put in ONE extra outlet in the bedrooms before they lined the closets with cedar wood, right? Who knows...

Random thoughts...let's keep moving here.

So since Mitch is currently working on the boys' bathroom (and Finn's closet), I've been inspired (pretty sure he has been too). I'm pumped. I'm excited to make Finn's closet more functionable. And we pretty much have to use every square inch of space in there now that it's now a pretty tiny closet.

Mitch is widening the opening here (he's since removed about four inches of the wall there to make the opening wider.)

The inside of Finn's closet has been drastically cut back to approximately 24" wide, so that doesn't leave a whole lot of extra space. 

One thing Mitch decided to do is notch out some hidden storage for our ironing board (yeah, remember those things?) Since the bathroom closet is on the opposite side of the wall, it would have been super deep if we had gone all the way to the studs. So that smarty pants Mitchell decided to create a little niche in Finn's closet by shortening the depth of the bathroom closet. Follow that? The niche is right inside Finn's closet to the right. It's the perfect size for something tall and skinny (like an ironing board). Boom. Great idea, right?

He was able to salvage almost all of the cedar wood from the previous space and reuse it in this new closet. So deconstruction was very carefully executed, which might have taken a bit longer, but it saved us money in the long run.

So what we're thinking is simply adding two bars for hanging stuff and shelves on top of the bars, for setting things on. Kinda like this, minus those shelves on the left there.

It'll look something like this, but only one sided (not with the cubes in the middle). Small? Yes. But efficient. I think it'll be great. There may even be room on the floor for some kind of shoe storage. We'll see.

Then for the closet door, we're thinking barn door type

And I'm really feeling the barn door look as well. Diggin' the X's here.

I also like the simplicity of just horizontal boards

This may be the route we're going since the door isn't going to be a huge one

We'll either make one or we might possibly use our current front door (hung like a barn door). That's when we obviously put our new front door on (which will be happening here shortly). We're researching barn door hardware, which can run from $-$$$. We want something that looks good (obvs) but also will withstand a house-full of boys. :)

So...we're looking around for some inspiration and ideas. I'm kinda itchin' to do something completely different/unique but so far, I got nothing.

So in the mean time...

we'll be chippin' away over here. Looks like we'll be finishing up the closet this week. So stay tuned!

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  1. When my parents were building their house 20 years ago there was great discussion about the laundry room being big enough to leave the ironing board out all the time. ha. What will you do about the paneling on the new bathroom wall? Oh and I love the horizontal plank barn door.

    1. We're going to plank the bathroom walls. What you're seeing in these pictures is Finn's room. We'll put paneling (to match the rest of the room) on top of that plywood seen. Hopefully it'll all be seamless. (And I'm hoping I have some of Finn's room paint downstairs in my stash!)

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