Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Fluffin' It Up

A few months ago, I was collecting money for a fundraiser for a local couple who was/is trying to raise money to adopt a baby. It was one part of a Vintage Sale in which I was participating. Each vendor of the sale paid money for a table (to sell vintage things on) and that money, as well as all money collected at the food stand, went directly to the couple. In addition to that, I was also campaigning around my "neighborhood" trying to raise money from local businesses. The participating business would be featured on a poster the day of the sale. 

Okay...got all that?? Good.

So my brother's best friend has a local business. Seth sells hearing aids. And of course, being my bro's BFF, I was gonna hit him up. So in I went and after some slight arm-twisting (jk...he was very gracious), Seth donated what ended up being the biggest monetary donation we received. Anyway, I say all that to say this: that day I went into his office was the first time I'd ever been there. And well...I couldn't get past the way it looked. It looked like...well...like a man decorated it. Let me show ya. (and sorry for the picture quality...these are just iPhone pics)

There were product posters on the walls, acting as art (never a good idea), his credentials looked like two postage stamps being swallowed up by one massive off-white wall, and there wasn't any fluff. Ya know, like flowers or vases, or baskets, or ANYthing. Bare bones, baby. Like I said...like a typical man threw it together. Bleh.

So of course I couldn't leave well enough alone. Something had to be done. Here's his sad coffee station.

So on a limited budget and plan (no painting of walls, furniture had to stay, etc), I "fluffed" the place up a bit with thrifted (and free) items as well as some things that were sitting around my house. I added some much-needed color to the plain walls and brought in some...well...fluff. Some art and accessories can add a lot to a space, so that's what I did.

The bamboo screen was the first purchase I made. It was $25 and brings some much-needed texture to the room. And it serves double duty as well. Many of Seth's clients would try to exit the room using that door behind the screen (which is a closet door). It now blocks that doorway, making it less confusing but also brings in some character and visual height as well. The bamboo plant stand was at our house (seen here in our mudroom), but I felt like some "greenery" was needed, thus a potted plant that Seth already had, sits on top. 

I found this bright canvas at a sale for $5. It was a fun pop of color and cheap...two requirements. SOLD.

I bought these "shutters" off a friend. They were just plain wood that I had her paint and distress (for added character). I think that they bring such a happy bolt of color into an otherwise bland space. (thanks, Lorna! You did a great job!) I staggered them on the wall to mix it up a bit. 

The mid-century coffee table was a free find along side the road. I really wanted to add a coffee table (or rug) to this space, but it really wasn't in Seth's budget. No sooner had we discussed it, that I was headed to my friend's house one night and saw this little guy with a "free" sign on it. I seriously love it. Isn't it cute? I added the duck dish that's full of mints (the dish came out of the same box that the boys' light was in.)

The floor lamp was from my house. There's nothing more cold to me than florescent overhead lighting. I brought in the floor lamp (as well as a table lamp I found at Goodwill) to make the space more home-like and warm. Sure, the overhead lights still need to be on (this is a business after all), but at least they aren't as in-your-face as before.

(This side table I scored for $5)

I brought in a chalkboard (that I made here), moved the clock up further, and added a placemat and vase to warm up this side a bit. Would love to get rid of that ugly coat tree, but alas, it does serve a purpose.

So that's it. A inexpensive makeover that I think makes a big difference in this once dull-looking space.

What have you guys been up to lately? Have you made over a room with thrift store finds? That's the story of my life. HA. Follow me on Instagram in between posts!


  1. WTG on decking out Seth's space, looks nice! (I have debated about switching my girls to his office for their hearing aid needs, would be nice to have a closer facility, hmmm)

    1. Shoot...I should get commission from this! ;) (You hear that, Booz??)

  2. Looks so much better Kat! You did a lot with a little! Congrats!

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