Monday, December 29, 2014

Baby, We're Back!

Hey there. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Ours was simple and sweet. Ever since my parents moved to FL, we've had pretty low-key holidays (not that it was stressful before). So we stayed home, invited some friends over to hang out, and just enjoyed spending time together as a family. It felt really laid back this year. The boys did most of the decorating, including hanging all the ornaments on the tree themselves (and decorating the mantel). They loved it. 

(Mitch is praying here in this picture before we opened presents)

That's about all I have about Christmas (follow along on Instagram and Facebook for more day-to-day updates). Now onto our regularly scheduled blog post!

There comes a time in every DIY's life where he/she experiences burnout. That is, at least a typical/not-paid DIYer. I can't speak for bloggers who get paid to do things to their house. Burnout happens. It happens to your wallet and to your energy. Especially when there's many things your energy can be directed toward, like a full-time job, kids, and other responsibilities (church, etc).

But having said that, there's something else that happens to a DIYer. A true DIYer is never completely done. And while burnout may happen, and a rest period is always needed, there's just somethin' in that little DIY heart that musters up strength for yet another project. It's just in us. We can't help it.

Mitch busted his butt for three years completing our garage-to-master suite/mudroom/dining room renovation (plus with many "little" projects like this, this, this, thrown in there during that time), but I'm happy to report that he's ready to start swingin' that hammer once again. And I'm excited to share these projects with you via this here blog.

So the project at hand is one you long-time followers of MLST should be familiar with--the boys' bathroom. You'll remember this amazing rendition of said project. This is pictured from Finn's room. And surprisingly enough, those plans haven't changed at all. (sometimes with drawn-out projects such as this, I tend to change my mind 173 times before we actually start the project.) But here was the plan: to shorten Finn's closet space to make room for a bathtub in the boys' bathroom.

So Mitch started on Finn's closet (which we never really was full of random things like games, puzzles, baby clothes). He removed all the trim, track, shelves, etc, and opened up one side wall.

It was pretty fun for the boys to go through the "secret passage" from Finn's room to the non-functioning bathroom.

Then Mitch took his reciprocating saw and cut smoothly through the cedar wood. He was able to salvage all the wood, to be used in reconstructing Finn's to-be smaller closet. 

Then he used the existing studs (after they were removed), to frame out the new wall where the tub will be.

So Finn's closet will be pretty small. We're kinda robbing Peter to pay Paul here. But in this case, I think we're better off with Paul in the house. (Counting down the days till the boys have their own tub!!)

So that's what's been going on in our house this past weekend. There's a picture of what our holidays are like--squeezing in projects when we can. And we'd have it no other way;) I'll have another update on the bathroom situation for ya soon. 

To read more about the boys' bathroom renovation go here and here. And follow the boys' bathroom board on Pinterest here.


  1. I wondered what happened to you guys! I thought you were winding down the blog................. glad to hear you really haven't gone away :) Looking forward to seeing your boys bathroom come to life.

    1. It's hard finding time to do projects and blog nowadays, but we're hoping to stick with it here. I miss blogging!

  2. First of all I love your tree, did you trim out the branches? Also LOVE the idea of praying before opening gifts. Finn's closet will be small but I think it is worth the sacrifice. Besides he is still young and has small clothes ;). Excited to see more!

    1. No tree trimming. We picked out the cheapest tree on the lot ;) but I liked that it wasn't really full. I think it was Bryce's idea to pray before we opened the presents...not sure if we did that last year or not, but I agree...I like it!

  3. Hey, girl, I keep trying to send you pins on pinterest and for some reason it won't let me. do you or any tech savvy people know why that might be? (i'm able to send pins to other people just fine?) I'll try your blog facebook page maybe?

    1. I had trouble sending pins one time myself...can't remember what I did. Can you tag me in pictures maybe?? Either that or message them to me on my blog FB page. I wanna see what you're thinkin' for your cute house!

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