Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Switchin' It Up...Again

Does this ever happen to you--you're walking around a yard sale, mindin' your own business, checking out random crap set up on rickety tables and then all of a sudden, you spot it--the piece of random crap that you need in your life at that very moment. And you think about where you could put this random piece of crap and the perfect spot pops into your head. It's just that you literally finished that area of your house like last week. And it looks good. Great, for that matter. Do you go ahead and buy that random piece of crap that brings you joy? Or do you pass and leave it for another crap-seeker to find? Well...can you guess what I did?

Yeah, some purchases are a no-brainer. I didn't even try to talk the seller down. I saw this metal filing cabinet and said, "Yep. That's mine. And it's going in my entry."

Let me jog your memory--this is what my entry looked like earlier Saturday morning, before the yard sale.

Cute, right? In absolutely no need whatsoever of a makeover.

But now, I think it looks even better. The filing cabinet/storage unit was a great size for our entry--I loved that it's taller than our old table, and has a ton of storage inside. (I can shove a lot of junk in those drawers!) I got the antique mirror at another yard sale on Sat too and I love how it meshes with the metal cabinet. I LOVE industrial pieces, but I like mixing them with wood pieces so as to not come across too industrial (i.e. cold). The warmth of the wood-framed mirror balances the "cold" of the cabinet and in my book that's a winning combination. 


I picked up this old phone at an auction last week. I had one exactly like it growing up in South Jersey so it brings back some good memories. I vividly remember calling my BFF Kelly Hamlet pretty much every day to see if she was done dinner yet and could come out and play. (I guess running across the street to ask her was out of the question! Ahh...sweet memories...)

So what did I do with the old set-up, you ask? Within a few minutes of removal, both the old mirror and green table were sold. And I made money on the whole thing! (I sold them on a Facebook group I'm a part of.) Out with the old and in with the...well, old! Old never looked so good;)

See more of our mudroom here.

In between posts, you can find me on Instagram, where I'm snapping pics of the latest yard sale crap I find. Come over and follow along!


  1. Got love both firm and function. Couldn't agree more with mixing the cold metal and warm wood! Looks great!!

  2. Oh man......... you couldn't find a place for that great old mirror? :( I love the filing cabinet, but it looks like it needs sprucing up!

    1. Ha! No way, man! I love it as-is;) (plus it's less work!)

  3. Awesome find, looks great! Good call on the wood mirror, the wood tones from it and the art do meld well with all the metal. I too could fit a lot of junk in that cabinet but it would be great to use for pens, pencils etc.

  4. Looks good Kat! And, I agree it looks better. I always try to remind myself not to fret (or get stuck) when putting a room together, because it'll probably change before I know it!! But, I love the feeling of a great find and it looks like you found the perfect piece for your entry!


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