Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Falling for Fall

'Tis the season, folks. Fall is upon us and it just happens to be my favorite time of year. So I'm pumped. I'm ready to get my autumn on! So...what comes to your mind when you think of fall? Perhaps college football. That was always the case in my family growing up (Go Nittany Lions!) but alas, marrying a Canadian means you're pretty much into one sport: curling. Ha...just kidding...although curling is fun to watch, hockey is the sport of choice. Sure, Mitch likes following other sports too, but college football isn't one of them. My family keeps me up-to-date though with what's going on in the Big 10, so don't you worry. (I know you were really worried there...)

Fall is an exciting time of year for us Hertzlers. You see, all the boys' birthdays are this time of year. Sept, Oct, and Nov (and mine's in Dec), so it's a season of celebration for us. The cake requests have started coming in. Ry wants a Mario cake, Bryce wants a Minion one, and Finn will be happy with anything tractor-related. So yeah, it's the season for fat pants too.

As I do with each season, I have changed out some things in my home to reflect this glorious time of year. Packed away are the watery blues and greens that I love to surround myself with during the summer months and in comes texture and warmth, both literally (with throw blankets) and visually with warm wood tones. So as I'm in the process of switching things up here, I thought it'd be fun to do some posts showing you ways that I add fall into my house. So this will be a little series that will include decor-related stuff as well as recipes (hello, pumpkin anything!) plus we'll be showing you our latest DIY project--the painting/finishing of our deck all decked out (yep, pun intended) in fall splendidness.

Let's jump right in we're jumping into a huge pile o' leaves...

Here are some ways that I've added some fall into our living room.

1. Blankets/throws

Adding throws to a room automatically "warms" up the space and just makes it cozy-looking and inviting. Who wouldn't want to curl up on a chair and read a book blogs? (Let's be real here.) 

The past few years I've been collecting plaid throws to add to my collection whenever I'd see a nice one at a thrift store. So if you want to start your own collection, I recommend scouring second hand shops for them--they always have plenty!

Side note: my neighbor was giving away that blanket up there (it was in a "free" box by the side of the road that I had to peek into). It looked so seasonal, so I snagged it. One can never have too many throws! So, thanks, Marilyn;)

2. Pillows

Switching out pillows is an easy way to transition into seasons. For those (like me) who have a pillow fetish, it's pretty easy to build up a collection over time and change them out according to the season. A great way to do this (and not have stacks upon stacks of pillows shoved into your closets), is to initially buy good quality feather inserts, then collect pillow covers. I didn't go too crazy with pillows this time around...just pretty much added that tiger pillow 'cause it's fun, unexpected and  

3. Texture

I'm all about texture, whether it's in a basket, rug, art...wherever you can add texture, you're adding awesomeness (in my book, anyway). 

The antlers are no new thing here at the Hertzler house...I have these guys up all year long, but they especially look "in season" this time of year. A recent addition to our mantel is the canvas of our family. It's from Tiny Prints. The picture was taken last spring, but to me it looks fall-ish, so here it is. 

The "give thanks" sign I bought last week off a local lady. I love it. I painted the "5" sign on a piece of scrap barnwood Mitch had in his shop. Hertzler 5--that's us:) Do you see the texture in those pieces? The rusticness of the wood, chippiness of the paint, even the random pinecone all bring texture to the space. 

BTW, I love using natural elements inside. We've been known to collect rocks, sticks, shoot...even a root was dug up and is now in our living room. 

4. Flowers

Speaking of natural elements...

You can't ever go wrong with adding fresh flowers to brighten up a space. I picked up this beautiful bouquet at my discount grocery store yesterday for $2.99! can't pass up a deal like that. But even if you can't afford store-bought flowers, you can always bring in some from your garden (sunflowers are a great choice) or even break off a branch of colorful leaves from your maple really can use anything to add some color to your space.

So have you started making the switch over to fall yet? It's as easy as adding some throws, pillows, texture, and/or flowers in those rich fall-like colors. Have I mentioned how much I love this time of year...ahhh

Be sure to stay tuned as I bring more fall your way in the upcoming days!

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  1. I really like the "give thanks" sign. Super sweet.

  2. love it! follow my blog to see my take on fall!

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