Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sittin' the Bench

Notice anything new up there?

Yep, that's right...the bench. That was yesterday's project. Do you remember what it used to look like?

Yeah, it was definitely time for a makeover.

(You can catch up here with my initial post on the bench.) I've had this puppy for almost a year now. It's been sitting downstairs in Mitch's workshop pretty much all that time, waiting for a makeover. We've been busy with other projects (like raising three little boys...sheesh, get off my back) but yesterday it was time to get off the bench (lame pun intended) and get this project crossed off the list.

It was a fairly straight-forward project. And since we've already tackled an upholstery job like this before, it went smoothly. It just took some time. I did most of the work during the day while the boys were fighting playing and we finished up later that night after they were in bed. I started by unscrewing the base from the top and I cut those strings there that held the tufted buttons in place. I didn't want to mess with those this time around.

Then I wrapped it in batting and fabric and stapled away. I didn't pull the fabric too tightly, since I didn't want my stripes all wonky. 

I was hoping that the legs were made of wood and not some sort of particle board, since I wanted them exposed and wanted to stain them. Score for solid wood legs! I don't show this part, but next I sanded and stained the legs with a gray-wash stain, just to give it a slight weathered appearance.

Since the legs were attached right to the side rails, I had Mitch cut some boards to size and we made an apron going around the bench (same thing we did to our other ottoman). Here I am wrapping the boards (just scrap pieces) with batting and fabric. This was probably the most challenging part (but still not hard), since we had to make sure the stripes matched up with the stripes on top. It seriously probably took like 2 extra minutes to make sure everything was lined up right.

First board done! By this point, I was so tired and wanted to throw in the towel, but Mitch encouraged me to finish strong. (I think that's exactly what he said, actually) So like a marathon runner, I dug deep and finished up my 26.2 bench like a champ, with Mitch's help, of course. (side note: this will be the only time the words marathon runner will be associated with me, just FYI.)

And here is Mitch attaching the skirt. He simply screwed it into the side boards.

This bench can be used so many different places, but I chose to stick it here at the dining room table (for now, anyway).

I even had the boys test it out. It's the perfect size. Fits perfectly between the two table legs and it's a great height too.

But alas, it's not staying at our table. Or our house, for that matter. I'm planning on selling it at a Vintage Sale that Mitch and I are a part of on Saturday. (If you're in the Lancaster County area, come check it out!) I'll do a post all about it later. You can read about last year's sale here.

So there ya have it...

After having several pieces professionally reupholstered lately (like here and here), it felt good to try my hand at it again. It's good practice too, since I'm planning on redoing our living room ottoman soon. #itneverends

to see how we made the dining room table go here
to see how we made that giant chalkboard go here
and to see how I made that awesome zucchini bread up there, go here
I think that's all for now... ;)


  1. Kat, it looks great - I think it softens up the room! I just also noticed the color of the legs of your dining table. I like it. It looks like dragon's breath….I need to look back in your posts to find the color! Great job!

    1. Thanks, Fran! It's Kendall Charcoal, actually;) (I know...everything else is Dragon's Breath!)

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