Friday, August 1, 2014

Fun in the Mountains

We went on a family vacation last week to the mountains of central PA. Mifflinburg is one of our favorite spots to get away to because it's just awesome there. That, and we know people who let us stay at their cabin. A little cabin action, hiking, swimming in a lake (the boys, not me), swimming in a pool (yep, me too), lots of ice was just plain fun. 

We went for a hike one day when the weather was cool (too cold to swim) and it was so fun jumping over logs, collecting cool leaves, singing "Speak Life" in a natural amphitheater. What wasn't so fun was dragging Finn's stroller along...don't know what we were thinking. Poor kid kept being jostled around until he had enough and decided to trek it with the rest of us. What a trooper.

There was an awesome park we played at almost every day. It was nice having a simple place to take the kids--a place they loved that was easy and free. I'm all about easy (okay...and free) when on vacay.

One of the days we went exploring in town. They have a sweet thrift store in the middle of Mifflinburg where, a couple years ago, I bought my leopard-print rug that's currently in our living room

Well apparently this thrift store has a good rug vibe 'cause we got another one. I've been looking for something larger for under our dining table...well this puppy is an 8x10. I'm working on staging/shooting our dining room here soon, so stay tuned for a reveal!

Everyone got treasures at the thrift store, thanks to Mom-mom and Pop-pop's $5 per kid "allowance." My Dad handed Mitch $15 and said, "Here, this is for the boys when you're on vacation. Let them pick something out." And pick something out they did. And it just happened to be "half price day" at the thrift store, so they really scored! Bryce's new friend is Quinny. Quinny the Pooh. Bet you didn't know that was his name, did ya? Yep, despite multiple conversations about the famous yellow bear, as well as Bryce watching a Winnie the Pooh movie a couple times at the cabin, his name is Quinny.

We went to another town nearby one evening. They had the sweetest Main Street. Seriously, I could have spent hours meandering. But all the shops were closed. Including this candy shop. The boys were kinda bummed but soon forgot about it once they spotted another really awesome park. #monkeybarsforthewin

I definitely want to visit the cute little town of Lewisburg again someday. And next time I'll bring my good camera. (take note, Mitch)

There were also railroad tracks there, so of course we had to check 'em out as well as the freight station. Someone is a big train guy in our house.

Bet ya can't guess who...
(isn't he getting SO big???)

I loved all the architectural details. They just don't make 'em like they used to, do they?

And every day (yes, we went to Amy's Frosty Freeze, home of the giant ice cream cone. It was glorious.

Let's have a closer look at that chocolate/coconut twist there, Mitchell. 
Yum. I want one right now.

And no mountain vacation is complete without spotting one of these.

Yes, that's a rattlesnake. And yes, we were that close to it. In our van, thank goodness. I'm not a snake person. At all. I remember one science professor in college (who was a reptile lover) brought in some snakes just for fun one day. Everyone else was all, "Oh that's so cool!" "Can I hold it?" while he (the professor) let the disgusting creatures slither around on the floor. I was literally on top of my desk having a mini seizure. So yeah, there was a rattlesnake in the driveway to our cabin. I still can't believe it. I know that the mountains of PA are rattlesnake territory, but I've never seen one in the wild. 

Can I just plug in a little history lesson here? Okay, good, 'cause I miss teaching. So this here timber rattlesnake is the same kind of snake that was on the "Don't Tread on Me" flag back in the beginning of our country. In other words, this snake was saying, "England, don't mess with us colonists 'cause we'll inject our poisonous venom (that apparently can turn your skin black almost immediately as it deadens the cells) into ya if we need to." The rattlesnake was a picture of our unity and fierceness. It was a rallying tool to help unify the colonists and ultimately gain our independence from England. Don't worry, rattler, I ain't gonna mess with ya. Oh and just FIY, don't google "rattlesnake bites" unless you're trying to make yourself throw up. Lesson learned. 

Man...I love history lessons. Okay, I'm done now.

This pergola was spotted on our walk in town. I would love one of these guys over our deck. With some of those stringed globe lights. We'll see. But a deck makeover is definitely in the works soon. :)

So that's a wrap. We stayed a week in the mountains and now are back at it in Lancaster County. So what are you guys up to these days? Thrifting? Eating giant ice cream cones? Buying any Quinny bears?? I am curious--have any of you ever eaten rattlesnake meat before? My brother kept texting me, telling me to eat the rattlesnake. "It's no different than fishing," he said. Yeah right. thanks. Not today. And I'll venture to say "not ever."


  1. Love Mitches shadow while carrying the rug. It's a sidewalk shadow airplane.

  2. Kat,
    I just found your blog and love your home and d├ęcor. We travel up to PA a few times a year from central VA to visit family in the Poconos. We go to Lancaster quite often when we come to shop or catch a show at the American Music Theatre. I always have to make a special trek to the Pottery Barn outlet. Loved seeing your mountain pics minus the rattlesnake! We have the "Don't Tread On Me" license plate now in VA and they are quite popular. Most don't know the history behind it with the founding of our country. PA has such neat little townships and great diners as well!!

  3. Also,
    Congrats on paying off your home! That's quite an accomplishment for someone you and your husbands age. I admire your philosophy and discipline. My husband and I are thankful because we got to retire early a few years ago. We both had good jobs and could have afforded a much bigger home in a more upscale neighborhood but having the freedom we do now I am so glad we didn't follow that route. We have done a lot of upgrades to our home and have everything we need or want and now that's its just the two of us we are really happy we don't have a huge home to maintain and upkeep.

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words, Teresa! And congrats to you on an early retirement...yeah, I'm already dreaming of our retirement years;) Yes, I love the Pottery Barn Outlet. I've found many a deal there over the years.


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