Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Mantel

Hey guys! Just dropping in today to show you my summer mantel. Well, I call it my mantel, but it's really just a shelf that I bought at a yard sale a few years back (for $5!). I like to think of it as my mantel 'cause I dress it up like one. I like changing it up according to the seasons. So here she is--all decked out in greens and blues--a very summery look if you ask me.

The old glass insulators add a fun touch and some more of that watery blue-ish green color. (they're actually my neighbors' and they're for sale, so if you're interested--shoot me an email)

The woven demijohns add some nice texture, as do the antlers. Gotta have antlers in there... :)

Thanks for dropping by today. Hope you're enjoying your summer. The boys are currently outside setting up this contraption. (looks like Bryce is trying to suck out the last drop of water from the nozzle)

Happy Monday.


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