Thursday, July 17, 2014

Reduce, Reuse, Reupholster

So about two and a half years ago (according to this post), I was driving in my Nissan Maxima (in the rain) and spotted some chairs alongside the road. This means only one thing: they had done their duty, served their purpose. It was time for furniture heaven (aka the landfill). By the look of the chairs sitting out in the rain, it was high time (probably past time) to put these puppies to rest. That's what some people would think, at least. Not me. What I saw was a pair (seriously, how often does that happen?) of antique chairs that had great shape to them, cute wooden legs, and shoot, they were free.

Do you see what I saw?? POTENTIAL, baby! Mitch rolled his eyes as I trucked these puppies back to our house, storing them in our basement for the last two and a half years. Others laughed...thought I was crazy (seriously go read some of the comments on this post)(sorry...some of the inspiration pics aren't showing up). But others (some long-time readers who get me and are as crazy as I am) knew I had a couple diamonds in the rough on my hands.

Well the day came (a couple months ago) when I dropped these puppies off at the upholstery farm (same lady who did Finn's chair). Yes, my upholsterer lives on a farm and yes, I have a farm for pretty much everything I could possibly need/want. It's similar to having a genie in a bottle. And we just picked up those same chairs yesterday from the farm. They're done. So can I just show you those "ugly" chairs now?? They're hanging out in our living room.

One detail that I LOVE is the contrasting piping. EEK! Details like this make me smile.

They look a little different, huh??

I got the light blue velvet fabric at a fabric outlet a few years ago. I loved its soft color. Didn't have a project in mind for it then, but I'm glad I bought it when I saw it. I ended up not having enough of it to reupholster both chairs, but when I was talking with my upholsterer she said she had some stuff she was wanting to get rid of. And she pulled out the vibrant floral fabric. It's called Silsila Curry by Braemore Textiles. I knew as soon as I saw it that it would compliment my blue fabric perfectly. My upholsterer gave me the fabric. As in--it was free. Then the angels sang. It felt like Christmas morning. 

It ended up costing about $150 per chair to get reupholstered (which is a really good price). I'm so excited to have a pair of antique chairs that I saved from the landfill. Seriously, isn't it cool to give something that looks like crap a second chance at life?? 

There's an ottoman for our bedroom that we got reupholstered too...I'll show you that soon!


  1. Nice save! Love the soft blue especially :)

  2. I love them! I would have snatched those up from the side of the road as well. Good find! They look great!

  3. Impressive! Really beautifully done and they look wonderful in your room.

  4. They're absolutely beautiful, Kat. I cannot believe that price either!

  5. THAT is VISION! I'm picking my jaw up off the floor!

  6. These are amazing!! I have a similar project up my sleeve - not great chairs off craigslist for super cheap. I just need to figure out a good fabric. Your chairs are an inspiration :)

  7. I love the backs of the chairs. They turned out marvelous!


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