Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Parade of Homes House

Last week was The Parade of Homes here in Lancaster County. We only made it to one of the houses, but it just happened to be the house that really jumped out at me when I was looking through the POH magazine we got in the mail. It's a cute little 1 1/2 story charmer with lots of character (at least from the outside). The builder of this house is Landmark Homes.

I don't really like development houses (or subdivisions, for all you mid-westerners). Most of the time they're your basic cookie-cutter home with beige siding. And to me that just screams "boring." I love houses that have detail to them. Give me chunky moldings, shake siding, bolder siding colors (dark blue, red)...now that's something that I could fall for.

I couldn't believe my eyes when we pulled into this development Sunday afternoon after church. It was a feast for the eyes! And so not-typical here in PA. The entire development was Craftsman style.

I LOVE when two different materials are used as siding--most of these houses had shakes as well as your typical vinyl siding but in your not-so-typical colors. I'm all about mixing it up when it comes to exteriors. Look at the gorgeous chunky white trim details on these houses! Some windows had shutters and some didn't. Loved that.

Such a cute little development

So, going back to the one we walked through--the inside was okay. Definitely not my style, but it was nice. Here's the living room.

I didn't take any pics of the kitchen because I thought it was ho-hum. Dark cabinets, granite-like counters...your basic "upgraded" kitchen. (i.e. lacking character)

Dining room with board and batten walls...that was a nice touch

Master bedroom. The wall color was nice...a greenish gray...perfect color for a bedroom.

I loved this chair

I thought it was interesting that there was baseboard in the garage. I can't say if I've ever seen that before. I asked Mitch what he thought and he said, "It looks finished." Guess I never thought of a garage as needing to look finished before. It was weird to me. I don't know--does your garage have baseboard trim around it? 

There was a nice-sized basement with big windows in it. It was ready to be finished off.

And there was this cool crawl space on one side of the basement. The boys were saying how that would be their hide-out room. I know I'd dig it as a kid.

The rest of the rooms (bedroom, bathrooms, & bonus room upstairs) were okay. Nothing spectacular. But one other thing I thought would be awesome to have (one perk of living in a community) was the club house. We didn't tour it, but I'm sure there was a gym and other amenities inside. In the back was a pool. How awesome would that be? Hang out by the pool all day (I'm really craving a pool these days) and not have to maintain it--that's perfection in my book! But alas, this development was a 55+ one...so not any time soon for us.

What do you guys think? Do you/could you live in a development? I used to live in one and it was nice...just very "typical." I'm all about character-oozing homes. I guess that's why I love my little white rancher...even though it was a basic box of a house, we've added our touch/put character into it. And I have a feeling she ain't done yet.

Tour another POH house here.


  1. Kat, they should have hired you to decorate! You would have made the inside sing.

  2. I completely agree with Camille! Also, having moved to the midwest/south from the east coast, I've never lived in a subdivision until now and you said it above about the clubhouse/pool/tennis. Our division has that and it makes life with kids so enjoyable and easy esp. in the summer. When my son gets a tad older he will be able to ride his bike (we're only about 15 houses away).

  3. Whoops...i left a comment using my husband's acct. (KDM). Just wanted to let you know it was Fran from Green Street

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