Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Walkway Done! (well...sorta)

So the last time I blogged about our exterior, we had just had new windows put in and a sweet cosmetic change for underneath our front windows. Well I'm happy to say that I have more to report now that we had a gorgeous weekend this past weekend. We knocked some more projects off the never-ending list.

This is what the front of our house looked like for a long time. We just weren't motivated. Mitch and I don't enjoy outside work. At least not until we start seeing big changes, then we love it! It just seems like yard work is a never-ending thing. At least when you renovate inside your house, it stays like that! Outside is a totally different story. Thanks to weeds.

I removed the grass, creating a walkway up to our front door. (You can see the original plan here.)

We laid the weed blocker fabric, which wasn't as big of a task as I thought it would be.

We would do a little bit at a time, pinning the fabric down with landscape pins as we went. That way, the fabric wouldn't blow away with the slightest breeze. It stayed put. 

Then I started lining the walkway with our reclaimed bricks. And instantly I was liking what I was seeing.

We kept going back and forth with what we were going to use inside the brick lining (pea gravel, mulch, bricks??) and finally agreed to go with wood chips that Mitch's dad had. He had some trees trimmed and has two huge piles of wood chips in his backyard. So they were free. Always a good thing.

Using wood chips for a walkway is perfect. Mitch originally suggested we use them all over (in the beds and walkway) but it's not really recommended for flower beds (since they can rot and lots of little creatures like to hang out in them). So this really worked out great for us. We still need to mulch the beds (hoping to get that done this weekend).

Then we took some slate stepping stones that we had lying around and laid them on top of the wood chips.

But as you can see, we have a wide variety of sizes (and not enough), so we'll have to mix things up a bit.

But as for now, I'm really enjoying our "new" walkway, even if it is somewhat incomplete.

And here's our to-do list--it's slowly getting things crossed out on it. Yay! So even though it feels like it's taking forever, things ARE getting done out there.

  1. Tear out the arborvitae on the right hand side
  2. Purchase and plant the azalea and cherry laurels 
  3. Define the border of the beds
  4. Purchase and lay the weed barrier
  5. Lay the brick (??) walkway
  6. Tile the concrete slab on portico (we're thinking about putting the brick here)
  7. Replace pendant light
  8. Refinish Replace front door
  9. Mulch the beds
Yay for nice weekends and progress! What are you guys doing to your landscape these days?


  1. Ever so slowly working on mulch. I'm almost through the 9 yards we got and need more! Let me just say mulching is not my favorite thing to do. Your walkway looks great! Maybe someday we will have the time and energy to put into projects like you and Mitch! :)

    1. Yeah...not so much fun. Plus it's so expensive! But it does look great once it's all done. So keep up the good work, girl! ;)

  2. Big improvement! It looks like it was a lot of work!

    1. Thanks, Fran! Yeah, and it's not super fun either:/

  3. A great project for so many reasons -- it improves curb appeal, it makes use of already existing items, it's free, and I bet it was a really good workout!

  4. Because we live in a rental house, there's not a whole lot I can do to the exterior but I've been making progress! The most exciting gardening I've been doing is hunting for, discovering, and replanting succulents that I find in the garden! It's been wonderful fun :)

  5. The new walkway looks great and so do those frames around the windows. Everything looks so fresh. Oh and high 5 for Ryder being old enough to help out! We've been working outside a lot and it really isn't that fun. I do love to pull weeds but dang when you have a baby that gets a little harder and weeds grow fast. If you ever decide to go with gravel over mulch check to see if your Lowe's sells the broken bags for 1/2 off. Ours does so we racked up when we did our courtyard area!


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