Thursday, May 1, 2014

Random Hertzler Happenings

Hey yo...what's up? So let me just fill ya in with some randomness today. We're going to start back at Easter. And I'm blogging about this so I remember it, since I thought it was such a good idea that Mitch came up with.

Every kid loves a good Easter egg hunt. But there's usually lots of sugar involved. 

Mitch came up with this idea: instead of hiding candy inside the eggs, he placed pieces of paper that had letters on them. Once all the eggs were collected, the boys (Ryder) had to decode the message. Then a prize (they could choose a piece of candy from their stash) was given.

They loved it. 
And Mitch was able to share (again) with them the true meaning of Easter.
Great idea, Mitchell Todd.

And these pictures were taken today. After an all-day rain storm yesterday, today was nice and sunny.

Ryder is saying in this picture, "Bryce!! You're choking him!" 
Bryce obviously could care less.

Finn is getting so big--he's 18 months old today.
He finally mastered the walking thing and it's so funny seeing him strut around.

Every day he is learning new things. He knows how to throw away trash, put clothes in the hamper, and today I asked him to put Bryce's blanket on his bed. He's so aware of what's going on. He really is amazing Mitch and I with how much he knows. He can say Mom (like in this video), Dadda, Bryce, and brother (for Ryder). His favorite things are balls and he's my pickiest eater. Little stinker.

He loves his brothers and says "bye-bye" to them every night while giving them hugs and kisses. 

We were playing kickball outside today. Ry does this thing with his tongue whenever he kicks the ball or runs around the bases. It's pretty funny.

And then there's Bryce. 
Brycie is our comic relief. He's such a fun little boy. And a bit "out there" too! (If you follow me on Facebook, you'll have seen some of his profound comments.)

And in other randomness, I was looking up how to lose belly fat and this "procedure" came up. Have you heard of it?

Basically (from what I gather) you go to the doctor and he freezes your fat off. Yes. Please. Sign me up. 

Yes, I'll take a large Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Blizzard and...oh wait, can you freeze some of this love handle off while you're at it? Thanks.

Next, I've been having some strange flutterings in my heart lately so I went to the doc. He did an EKG (which came back normal) and hooked a Holter monitor up to me for 24 hrs (which also came back normal). I'm still waiting for my blood results to come back, but the doctor mentioned that I may be anemic. Which totally makes sense to me considering I feel like a walking zombie halfway through the day most days. Absolutely no energy. So I started taking this stuff (again).

Blackstrap Molasses is loaded with iron. I used to take it years ago just for overall health benefits. Seriously, if you need a little spring in your step, try Blackstrap. Its praises are sung by many people suffering from a variety of things from arthritis to MS. People swear by it. I got a guy hooked on it who had arthritis really bad in his hands. He claims that good ol' 'strap cured him. You can read about more benefits of blackstrap molasses here or just do a simple Google search. I just take a tablespoon-full twice a day. It takes some getting used to the taste (I think it tastes like black licorice), but it's good-for-you stuff. 

And lastly, I leave you with a picture of my in-laws' tulip bed. Tulips are my favorite them. I'm so happy Spring is finally here. Have a great weekend, friends!


  1. For awhile, I was taking blackstrap for the health benefits (need to start again). What I did was heat up a mug of water, add the Tbsp of molasses to it & squeezed part of a lemon into it. Made a great tea! Sometimes I'd even sprinkle in a little bit of cayenne since that is also good for you (& ups your metabolism as well!) ;)

  2. Cute pix. I hope you feel better. Is Grandma's Molasses good too? Not so strong flavored. Do you use cast iron pans? They are supposed to help with iron deficiency. I like the verse you put in at the end. My mother embroidered a piece with something like that and I always loved it.

  3. Loved your pics as always :) Your kids are getting so big!

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