Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thrifting Treasures

The past couple weeks I've been able to sneak away for a bit and hit up some thrift/antique stores in the neighborhood. Just wanted to show you some of the things that caught my eye.

I posted a picture of this cabinet on MLST's Facebook page and you guys loved it! The store where this is(was?) from is called Vintage Kollections. This was the first time I was there, and I was impressed with their selection and prices. (You can "like" their FB page here.) I know I'll be back again.

It's kinda hard to see, but there were several industrial stools there for sale, as well as those garden orbs you see in the background on the left there. I will be getting one of those for our front landscape. I love "mixing it up" with fun statement pieces like that.

I thought this little scalloped bookshelf would look super cute painted and in a little girl's room. Right?? It's so sweet.

And I LOVED this thing. Not sure what you would call it (paper roller/cutter?) but if I had room on my kitchen counter, I would have snatched it up. I like using craft paper as a tablecloth. It's something fun that the boys can color on.

It reminded me of this picture I pinned from a while back with the paper being used as a shopping list.

And this picture taken from the Country Living 2012 House of the Year

(notice the industrial stool!)

I picked up a few things from Vintage Kollections, including these corbels that I had to have. Don't have a spot for them yet, but someday I will!

I also picked up this antique mirror. I love mirrors. Especially old ones.

Which reminds me, I picked this one up a few weeks ago at another antique store. Love that chunky frame. That was at a store called Vintage on Main (here's their Facebook page).

Next on the list--Mitch and I went to a Vintage Sale and picked up this metal wheel thing. We both thought it'd look cool mixed in among a gallery wall (in the boys' bathroom, perhaps?). 

Just the other day I went out with Finn to our local Reuzit where I found this heavy brass/lucite floor lamp. I couldn't pass it up. It even came with a bulb:)

Couldn't say no to this $1 mug holder. It's right at home in my coffee station.

The next two things I  found alongside the road. On Saturday the boys and I were out and about having a great time (the weather was PERFECT) and we passed by a house that had this sitting out in front.

I saw it, passed it, then turned around, got out to see how much they were asking ($25), took a picture, then left. We went to a farm to pick up some milk, and I thought to myself, "For $25, I can't pass it up!" So we went back and I bought it. I'm thinking it's going to go in our mudroom to hold our shoes/random mudroom stuffs. Can you see it?

And last but certainly not least, I was driving by another house when I thought I saw a Campaign chest sitting out with some other random pieces of furniture. I turned around and sure enough, there she was.

Now granted, right now she doesn't look super nice. But you can believe I'm gonna pour some love into this lonely gal. I can either paint her up a bright, fun color like this one (that sold on Etsy for $400)

Or a more subdued neutral like this one

Which look gets your vote? Bold or neutral? (I'm kinda leaning toward bold, baby!)

Have you been thrifting lately? Find anything good? How about yard sales? I know some of you guys are big-time YSers and find some incredible things. What's your latest find?


  1. You find the coolest stuff! Hard to pick a favorite, I just love all of them!

  2. Oh, and by the way, I have an obsession with old mirrors too.

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