Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Out the Window(s)

First of all I wanna say a huge THANK YOU for all the encouraging words and congrats about our last post. Paying off our house was something I definitely wanted to share with you guys, and I'm so thankful that it was well received. You're awesome.

Okay, now...what do you observe from this picture??

If you guessed "that's not Mitch's butt" you'd be totally right. If you also guessed "window replacement"--right again. Yep, all the windows in the "old part" of the house (not the renovated part) are getting replaced. Thanks to Uncle Sam. 

(all the windows on the right side of the house)

From the very moment we walked into our house (over nine years ago), we knew we'd have to eventually replace the windows. We said goodbye to the screens in the three front windows a couple years ago when I finally had had enough of looking at the cat-scratched ones that were there. I ripped them out and threw them away, and we never replaced them. Why buy screens when you're eventually going to replace the window, right? Ugh. We had those little portable screens that adjust to whatever window size you have, do you know which ones I mean? Yeah, those were annoying. So we decided to put our tax return money to good use and get the windows all replaced. We had already gotten two of the worst ones replaced already (a few months ago). Before I show you those, let me show you a before of the front.

This was before we started landscaping and before I removed all the shutters. 

And this is today, as the windows are being replaced. One of the main reasons the windows need to be replaced is because they were NOT energy efficient in the least. You could literally see the curtains swaying in the breeze in the winter. One of the main causes was because there was absolutely no insulation around the windows (as Mitch observed while the old ones were being taken out). Isn't that crazy? 

The new ones, along with being low-E, are also triple paned (excluding the ones in the back. We decided to do just double-paned ones back there).

There's also spray foam insulation around them now. Yay for (hopefully) no drafts!!

Now let's talk about design. First of all, I wanted all the shutters gone on the outside because they weren't realistic-looking. Let me show you the (old) front of our house again. See those three windows in the front? And those tiny shutters on either side? Come on now. There ain't no way (if they were real) that those shutters would cover those windows. And that, to me, is kinda lame. If you're going to have shutters, make them at least somewhat realistic-looking. But we couldn't have just nothing there. Something definitely needs to be there, otherwise it would look pretty bland.

So let me show you some inspiration.

Ya see where I'm going with this?? 

Black trim, baby.

These are the windows that were replaced a couple months ago, on the side of our house. We could have gone with black window frames (which make me weak in the that look!) as well, but that was an extra $160 per window plus they'd take longer to get in--they'd be a special order item. So we went with just the black trim and white windows...still debating if we want to go ahead and paint them ourselves or just leave them as is. I think we'll wait to see how it looks in the front of the house before we make any decisions.

The black trim adds just enough "punch." We need to do something about those holes left from where the shutters used to be, and powerwash the siding, but I like this look so much better. It's a clean, simple update, don't you think?

 Black trim will also be added to the existing windows (the ones not being replaced). This is our bedroom window.

And trim will be added to all the back windows. There weren't any shutters on these windows and they always looked pretty dinky to me. We will also paint out the trim around the orange door to tie everything together.

Here's a quick inside shot of our new kitchen window (not totally done yet).

Having your windows replaced is definitely a big investment. The total cost to have all ours replaced (10 of them) is approximately $5,350 (ouch). But it's one of those things that just needs to get done, kinda like replacing your roof. If you're local and you need some work done around your house, the guys who are doing this for us are All Star Home Improvement. They're friends of Mitch's (they've played hockey together for years). And we highly recommend them (They've done other odd and end jobs around our house...projects that were a little over Mitch's head.) Tell them Mitch and Kat sent ya!

And sadly, I think (since we're getting such good energy efficient windows) it's soon time to replace our antique front door. So stay tuned to see what we decide with that one! Sheesh, there's always something getting changed around here, eh?



  1. You will LOVE having new windows! We did ours is December of 2013 and have been so much warmer, especially with the terrible winter we just had. We never used our living room before we had the windows done because it was so cold in there and this winter we used it all the time. It was so nice. The sad thing is our house is only 8 years old. They used such crummy materials. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. I am liking the black trim also and contemplating it for the new house. It seems to have less upkeep than shutters.

  2. Good for you, it will make such a difference! We had the same issue in our first little house, the drapes on the windows blew in all the time, even with the plastic installed over them in the winter. We had to do 1 or 2 rooms at a time due to the cost, but it was great afterwards :) I love your front door! Too bad it can't stay.

  3. After a house fire, I lived with holes where the windows and sliders were going to go. THEY were leaning against the living room wall for about 6 years. Tyvek paper is not a window substitute, nor does it keep the drafts out. Don't let anyone tell 'ya differently.

    I know my story is extreme, but the joy of getting my windows in is inexplicable. I love the way you've put the dark trim on. When I got my siding 2 years later (donated from a friend) white trim was put on the house. Tan + white = puke-blah. I'm looking into how to paint dark paint on aluminum flashing. You're a great inspiration! That dark detail is perfec.t

    Why are you dumping your antique door? I think it's beautiful.

    1. Oh wow...can't imagine not having real windows for 6 years! I bet it felt awesome finally getting them in:)

      The antique door--LOVE it but it's not very energy efficient, unfortunately. We need to upgrade to something that doesn't have a stuffed animal sealing a hole in it! Don't worry, we'll more than likely find another place for it here.

  4. Congratulations on paying off the house! That certainly freed up a bit of your expenses, and you can finally say that the house is totally yours. As for your windows, it helps that you already have an idea on what to do with them as early as nine years ago. Have you considered getting a black front door to complement your planned black trimmed windows? Either way, good luck on this project!

    Fred Richardson @ SGK Home Solutions

    1. Thanks, Fred! Actually getting a new front door is definitely on our to-do list. While I love the old antique one that's there now, it's not very energy efficient. Could that possibly be from the wash cloth stuffed in a hole in the door? Anyway, yeah, I'm not sure as to what color the door of the future will be, but black is definitely a contender. Thanks for your comment!

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  6. Installed two basement windows too deeply recessed from the siding. When I mentioned this to the installer, he said that's the type of window it is. Really?
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