Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chippin' Away

Hey guys! It seems as if I'm having a hard time blogging these days, but that doesn't mean work isn't getting done around the Hertzler house. Let me show ya what's been happenin'. First of all, you know we got all new windows (check that out here). Then around the windows went the black trim. Yum. Just yesterday our back door was trimmed out in black also to complete the look in the back of the house (I'd show ya a pic of the entire back but there were literally 5 million toys thrown all over the of these days).

You can read about our orange door here. And if you follow MLST on Facebook, you know I'm itchin' to switch out the orange for another fun color (leaning toward teal). 

Here's what the trim looked like before. Mitch trimmed it out (with wood) after he sided the back of the house (which reminds me...I should blog about that project).

The black trim went right on top of the white wood trim. It's aluminum=no paint upkeep. (And yes, our gutters need a desperate coat of white and yes, it was raining out when I took these pics...just had to show you guys!)

Here are the side windows (the one on the left is the master bathroom window and the two on the right are the master bedroom windows). I love how they pop now. 

Some progress was made on our walkway. I removed some more grass to widen it. The weed blocker fabric still needs to go down, then our walkway. We're still not totally 100% sure what we're doing for a walkway. We were going to do bricks, but we probably don't have enough for the job.

Bryce and I had a great system--I would remove the sod and he would collect any grubs he saw. He placed them in his cup then fed them to the chickens next door. Ha!

I saw this picture in the March issue of BHG, and thought it was a nice option for a walkway. It's pea gravel with large stepping stones. I called the local nursery where we got all our shrubs for the front (they sell pea gravel too), and it's only around $30 for a scoop (a bit more than a half ton). So it's a pretty economical choice. Plus I like the look. Win/win, right? What do you think?

And the next thing that was done is under the windows. EEK! I'm very excited about this part.

This is what it used to look like under there--just boring siding that always looked dirty.

We had "our guys" take the siding off, then frame it out and add Azek on top, which is a decking material. I LOVE how it turned out. It just breaks up the siding look a bit.

 So this is currently the state of the exterior of the house (I still have to show you what we did over on the right's cut out of the pic here.)

So the other day while perusing the April issue of BHG, I came across this picture. And now I have dreams. BIG dreams. (Nothing new, right?)

I was shocked at how much that house looked like our house, with some added character, that is. So I looked into it further and discovered that the owner of the house is also an interior designer and she added those additional pitches to the roof for architectural interest (something that ranchers are oftentimes lacking in). I think they look amazing. So you know what's now on my list of "things to do to our house." ;)

Here's the to-do list from this post. Progress is being made. Yippee!!

What's left to do:
  1. Tear out the arborvitae on the right hand side
  2. Purchase and plant the azalea and cherry laurels 
  3. Define the border of the beds
  4. Purchase and lay the weed barrier
  5. Lay the brick (??) walkway
  6. Tile the concrete slab on portico (we're thinking about putting the brick here)
  7. Replace pendant light
  8. Refinish Replace front door
And somewhere down the road:
  1. Spruce up portico (beef up the posts, arch the ceiling, etc)
  2. Add dormers/pitches to roof
So that's where we're at. I'm really happy to be finally chipping away at the exterior of our house. It's been a long time coming!


  1. Kat, looks great! I'm always amazed at how much you guys get done and with 3 little ones! I love the idea of the variations in the roof - that'll add some definition!!

    1. Thanks, Fran! Yeah, I'm excited about the possibility of pitches...EEK!

  2. We have a white rancher with black shutters too, I would love to do something like this to the exterior of our home. Our struggle right now is to find some type of stone veneer to put on the foundation block which is not painted so it is a drab concrete stone grey right now. I'm thinking a classic brick, but my husband has different ideas. Any suggestions are welcome! :)

    1. Oh man...brick sounds pretty awesome to me. Maybe it's 'cause we have that brick chimney, but I do love that look. And I think it looks GREAT with white and black. Classic look. Stone veneer would be nice too...either way, it'd definitely be an upgrade from the block foundation that's there now. Good luck with it...I'd love to know what you decide!

  3. Wow, your houses really are remarkably similar. Even the chimney placement is the same. Love how the black is framing your windows and doors. And my goodness, after just doing my own work with a shovel, I've decided it's the best workout there is! Are you feeling the pain?

    Regarding the the stones set in pea gravel, maybe you could make brick squares for stepping stones and fill around the edges with gravel? Or line the sides of the walkway with brick? If you use stepping stones, I'd recommend they sit well above the gravel. We have a similar thing in our backyard and I feel like the gravel is always getting kicked onto the stepping stones. Aha! I think I've discovered my next shovel workout. :)

    1. Yes, I saw your post yesterday and thought, "Oh Camille has a gravel walkway too!" And yeah, it's quite the workout--that's for sure. Thanks for your suggestion about the brick stepping stones/gravel...that'll definitely be another option. We just need to nail a plan down and stick with it;)

  4. One last thing. (Sorry!) I just went to Pinterest and did a search for brick and pea gravel. Some pretty great pictures popped up.

  5. I'm all for big plans ! They keep you excited and keep you moving.
    Looking great so far, keep up the good work!
    Greetings from Belgium,

    1. See--that's my view on plans too...I'm always thinking ahead! And always excited about them. But I think Mitch would like a break from projects for a while;) Thanks, Silke, for your comment all the way from Belgium!

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