Thursday, March 13, 2014

Mudroom Closet

I was just looking through some old pictures and found a project that I hadn't blogged about yet: the inside of our mudroom closet. So today I wanna show you guys one way that we added extra storage to our mudroom area. In the original plan when we first decided to renovate, we didn't include a closet in our mudroom. We actually had our cabinetmaker build a base cabinet (that matched the upper cabinets in the mudroom as well as our kitchen cabinets) and were going to have a little message center/charging station there. But then we added one to our kitchen and thankfully decided to build a closet in the mudroom instead.  

But of course unless you have a plan, a closet can easily become a dumping ground for piles and piles of  "stuff." So we made a plan. And Mitch got to building. Do you remember this picture? Mitch got this massive pallet from work with some pretty dang good wood on it. (Read more here)

This is what it looked like all disassembled. For a minute we contemplated building a second house but settled on an organized closet system instead. ;)

And that's the wood he used to complete this project. So this entire project was free. Not too shabby, eh?

We had to build around that big white box. That's actually the back of the master bathroom linen closet. And like a pro, Mitch made cubbies around the space. I love designated areas like these.

He screwed in a board from which the bar was secured which holds our coats. (for the life of me, I can't think of what that's called...a closet bar?? Is there even a name for it? Who knows...this momma can't think right now.)

Leveling it out

I briefly thought about painting the inside of the closet, and maybe someday when I have nothing to do, I will. But for now, it stays unfinished. And I'm okay with that.

I love all the places where we can shove our stuff. And yes, stuff is shoved. But at least it looks neat anyway. (I already owned the baskets.)

Those big baskets store random supplies, while the white ones have linens (tablecloths, sheets, etc) in them. Hats, gloves, scarves...there's a place for everything!

At the very top, in the white baskets, are board games. 

Another project in the books! How about you guys? Are you organized closet people? Just for the record, we're not either...that's why Mitch built this. We're hoping to get better at this "organization thang." Right now all I wanna do is say goodbye to all our winter coats that are currently hanging in there. This girl is ready to ditch all those layers and wear a windbreaker!


  1. The closet looks great! Also, it's called a closet rod:) As a mother of three boys also, I have to say that the fact that you do diy projects and blog about them and make good sense is amazing, so no worries if you don't remember what something is called:) I wanted to recommend that you add a clear shoe bag to the inside of your closet door for mittens, hats, extension cords, etc that you use a lot. Then, they would be really easy to find. I don't really think that shoe bag is the proper name for it though - lol.

    1. CLOSET ROD--that's it!! Ha...thanks, Jeanine:) Great idea with the shoe bag...I know I gotta have one of those around here somewhere.

  2. So creative! Seriously, using pallets as your shelves! We are working on a closet project too. I hope to share in the next 2 weeks!

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