Wednesday, March 5, 2014

DIY for the Cheap Guy (or Girl)

The other day, I showed you guys this table. I bought it several months ago for $30 with this exact spot in mind. This is our "seating area" in the master bedroom. The table that was there prior was a tad too small. This one is just perfect--size-wise, anyway. I wasn't a huge fan of the finish of it, but that's an easy fix.

It was dark (like a cherry finish) and had a shiny top coat of sealer on it.

So after sanding everything with a sanding block, I painted it with a base coat of Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal (used here and here).

The look I was going for was the "Restoration Hardware gray-washed look" so on top of the base coat of paint, I just dipped the very ends of the paint brush into gray-tinted wood stain, wiping off any excess into the can.

With barely any stain on the brush, I worked it onto the table (it looks like there's more on here than what there actually is, since the brush tips are white)

If too much stain got on the table, I just wiped it off with a rag. You can't really mess this look up.

Then I sealed everything with wipe-on poly (my new favorite product!)

Have you refinished any furniture lately? Are you trying any new paint treatments? It's kinda fun and gives furniture a whole new look. And it's definitely much cheaper than getting something at Restoration Hardware! ;)


  1. Your projects always inspire me! The table is beautiful! I love how the stain makes the detail in the wood, more noticeable.

    1. Thanks, Ellen! Yeah, the details in this table is what sold me on it--so pretty! And yes, I think they do stand out more now, thanks to the new fresh look:)

  2. LOVE that stain. Amazing how now you can actually see the details on the table. Before it got lost in its darkness. Perfect little spot in the bedroom.

  3. Very inspiring!

  4. I love your cute little table. I really like how you achieved the finish. Thanks for sharing how you did it!

  5. Looks like it belongs in a catalog! Great Job:)


  6. Hi! Found you via Pinterest, following my love for BM's Dragonsbreath. Had to see who else was using it all over the place! What a color!

    Reading this particular post, I was very interested to see you'd used stain BASE, not stain for the white washing effect on this lovely table. Just yesterday I was at HD, looking at this! See, you can use exterior dark PAINT base, #4 or #5, as an exterior sealer. It dries clear, but all the UV and weather protection properties are in the base, so it works and lasts beautifully! I was wondering if interior paint base would do the same thing, and caught sight of the stain base. I like what you did with it and you've completed my musings about its nice effects.

    I also wondered if you chose wipe-on poly for its wipe-on properties, or if you chose it for the yellowing properties all -thane products have? It does give an antique-y aged look once it yellows. Have you used it over this lovely color combination before?

    Love what you're doing with your home. I'm rebuilding my own home after a fire and poverty is the mother of invention! :) My love for free wood are pallets. Medical equipment shippers also have great, 3/4" (usually) oak pallets. Great things come out of DIY, don't they!?

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