Monday, March 3, 2014

Ceiling the Deal

I was asked a while back to participate in a project that involves dated/ugly/or damaged ceilings and what I would do to "spruce them up." And since doing fun things with ceilings is kinda our thang (see here and here), I thought it'd be fun to participate. 

I think many times ceilings are often given the shaft. In other words, people just paint them in a flat white and call it a day. And there's really no rhyme or's just "always done that way." Don't get me wrong, sometimes that's the best way to go. The ceiling in our main living area (kitchen, living, and dining room) are all painted in a flat white. After having an ugly/dated textured ceiling for years in those areas, I just craved the simplicity and smoothness of a plain white drywalled ceiling. But there are so many different options out there and it's a great way to add some interest to a room. Take, for example, what we did in Finn's room (Ryder's old room).

We took pallet wood and created a rustic and warm feature on his ceiling. This entire room, obviously, would be totally different if the ceiling were just drywalled and painted white, right? The ceiling MAKES this room.

Then in Ryder and Bryce's room, we simply painted the ceiling tiles dark (and in a semigloss finish) to really add some interest. Again, it's a huge feature in their room. And I just love lying on either of their beds and staring up at their ceiling (and the shadows cast by that star light are really fun against the dark ceiling).

Several people thought we used tin on their ceiling--it is that much of a statement! 

Now for the "challenge room"...

This room has some water damage that affected a portion of the ceiling. There are lots of different options you could do here. Since this room is pretty formal-looking, I would probably finish the ceiling with ceiling tiles, then paint them either white (since the tiles already have some sweet details to them) or another color to make them stand out even more. Obviously, you'd make sure to fix whatever caused the leak in the first place, then start with the tiles. 

Here's an example of  a room with painted white ceiling tiles that looks pretty dang amazing, if you ask me. There's nothing "ho-hum" about this look. Look at all that detail! Wouldn't something like this look great in the "challenge room?"

Or, here's an example of tiles painted in a subtle khaki color that ties in with the rest of the room's paint choices. It just adds a bit more interest, in my opinion, than a typical drop ceiling in a basement. (And I love that the ceiling vent is painted the same as the ceiling doesn't stick out like a sore thumb!)

We are actually going to be dealing with the same issue in the boys' bathroom. Part of the ceiling in there has water damage. Our solution: covering the ceiling with some sort of wood treatment. (And yes, the bathroom still looks like this...after months! Hoping to get crackin' in there soon enough!)

There are just so many options out there for ceilings so why just paint them white? Let's mix it up, guys! What do you think? Are you a play-it-safe kinda guy/gal? Would you do some sort of "feature" on your ceiling if you could? I'm all about doing things that add charm/character, so why not start with your ceiling!

I was compensated for my time (in the form of a giftcard) from Armstrong, but all opinions are my own, as I think everyone needs a fun ceiling treatment somewhere in their home. :)


  1. In school, we always were told to never forget the "fifth wall". That being said almost every ceiling in my house is white. Since we know we are moving in a few years and are saving every penny for the new house, we won't be doing much here. I do have paint saved for the master bedroom that is green for the ceiling and the walls are grey. Now my new house will have some lovely ceiling treatments and I can't wait! I love the added detail and character they give a room.

  2. We have embossed ceiling tiles (like the 2nd photo) in most rooms of our house (installed by prev owner). I like the look ( as in ole time-y tin-like), but have concerns about wear. If smoke or staining occur, the re-painted tiles don't look as good. Also, we had to order new matching tiles to deal with a renovation/repair situation, and the current quality of tile (same model # from Armstrong) was a big concern, even using the same exact framing & hanging mechanism. My personal choice is a smooth ceiling. Having repaired drywall ceiling, I know it's a pain, but it's also "easier" to achieve desirable results. (Although, honestly, working over your head is never any fun.)

  3. I'm just happy to have smooth ceiling and not have to deal with the popcorn mess. ha! My sister is about to build a new house and they are putting rusted tin on the ceilings in her boy's rooms.

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