Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bringing Home the Baking Station

Clearly, I'm having a difficult finding the time to blog lately. And I'm gonna blame it mostly on this guy.

Sorry, Finn, it's true. You're not like your don't take a 3+ hour nap everyday. Actually, I think you're clockin' about 30 min. max. So it's kinda hard to work on projects and blog about them when you don't wanna miss out on any action.

So my days have been filled with hanging out with Bryce and Finn, and if I'm lucky, maybe a thrift store visit once a week. I know...crazy, right? What's this world coming to when I can only go thrifting once a week? Sheesh...

Well I wanna take this opportunity to shout it from the mountaintops let you guys know that I did get a project crossed off the list recently. And it's a project that I told you about like 17 years ago. It took 17 years to complete because, obviously, I had to work at it in like 15 minute increments (thanks to you, Finny). ready for this? I feel like I'm hyping this thing up waaay too much and you guys are gonna be all "oh...that's nice, Kat, now where's your real project?"

Oh we go, nonetheless. So a while ago, I said to Mitch, 

"It'd be nice to have a baking station. Ya know...a place designated for all my baking stuff and a separate work area where I can get my bake on."

Of course Mitch just stared back at me with a blank look on his face. He may have shaken his head or rolled his eyes, but I can't remember since it was 17 years ago. So I started looking around for some inspiration. See, the problem was that I don't have a TON of counterspace to work on. I have my island, but that's also where my cooktop is so there's not a whole lot o' room to spread out. See, look.

See what I mean? I thought if I could add something to the end of my island (on the other side of that butcher block slab up there), that would give me some more work surface. Also, I felt like all my baking supplies were scattered everywhere. I had some stuff in the pantry, some in the pull-out next to my oven, and some in my lazy Susan. Not cool. So this is what I found while perusing Pinterest.

I knew I wanted something that had shelves and was also on wheels, so I could move it wherever...moving it out of the way entirely if need be. I LOVED the idea of a marble top.

I also wanted some hooks on the side for a place to put our aprons. (Yes, Brycie and I don aprons while baking.) And a towel bar to hang kitchen towels. I'm not picky, am I?

But this was the picture that kinda sealed the deal. See those wooden crates on the shelf? Boom. Exactly what I wanted--a place where I can store all my not-so-pretty-looking baking supplies. And this looked like something Mitch could build, too. Right?

So behold: my baking station. 
(I'll do a follow-up tutorial on how Mitch completed it...I have a ton of pics)

Go HERE for a full tutorial



  1. I do love it! But lets be honest...I love everything you do to your house! haha...My eyes just gravitated towards those big glass jars of sugar and my mind I was 30 seconds flat that would be all over the floor in my house! haha...looks amazing though!

    1. Finn doesn't really mess with them all that much. He's usually chasing balls around in the kitchen;)

  2. Wow! I really like this idea, Kat. So cool that you were able to pull this off. I love the hooks for the aprons too (I wear an apron too)! I too zero-ed in on your glass jars on the bottom shelf. My kids would have a field day with those! I'm sure you did that for styling reasons or are your kids that good that they won't touch the jars?? If so, I need to know your secret!

    1. My secret is: I usually have a little jar of rainbow jimmies down there--Finn will mess with that, but not the big ones;)

  3. This is beautiful! I wonder if I can convince my husband that I need one of those too!

  4. It just makes me smile in wonder that you can say, "Hey Honey, can you whip me up one of these?" And he does! I'm afraid I'm the handyman of the house, and my limited skills could not begin to touch this baking cart. It's awesome, Kat. You must be thrilled with it. Especially love the use of the crates for hidden storage. I might be stealing that idea from you.

  5. It's wonderful!!! Great designer and builder!

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