Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Q&A with M&K

Hey guys! I thought it'd be fun to do a little question & answer post with you guys. I was hoping to shoot a video of us answering your questions, but that's never gonna happen. At least not any time soon-ish. #1. because I don't know a thing about editing videos and #2. the only time to shoot a vid is during the day and Mitch has a full-time job (believe it or not) and weekends are kinda crazy around here. (Not to mention our three little guys, who I'm sure would make it virtually impossible to pull off...unless "how to wrestle your brother" is a question you're pondering.) So we're just gonna do it the old fashioned way: typing it out on the blog.

So let's do this.

Question #1 (from Jeanna):

How did you meet?

Once upon a time there was a strapping young Canuck who grew up north of the Canadian Rockies. And loved hockey like all good Canadian boys.

And there was also a spunky young gal from South Jersey (that had a sweet perm).

We both moved to Lancaster County, PA (Kat at age 10, Mitch at age 16) and met at a Christian school that we both attended.

(Yes, that's totally yearbook pictures of us side by side.)

Then we ended up going to the same college (Pensacola Christian in FL). However, we weren't dating yet. Just BFFs.

Then the summer after graduation, we went on our first official date (which basically meant he paid for my movie ticket).

And the rest, they say, is history.

Question #2 (also from Jeanna): 

How long have you been married?

This August, it'll be 9 years (!!)

Question #3 (again, from Jeanna):

Do you want a bigger family?

Kat: I once jokingly asked someone about having another baby and he said, "That would be the worst thing that could happen to us right now!" So while we're content now with our three boys, let's just say that it wouldn't be "the worst thing that could happen to us" if we had another:)

Mitch: No comment! 

Question #4 (from Jenn):

How do you manage to get all the work done with 2-3 boys underfoot?

Kat: It's definitely a challenge some days. I try to keep things balanced and in perspective but some days I just wanna get something done, darn it! Mitch and I try to do projects in the evening and on weekends. I usually blog during the day (when Finn is napping and Bryce is watching a cartoon...which like I said the other day, hasn't happened a ton lately).

Mitch: First, why is my arm so white in the above picture? I know it was taken last summer and we had been to the beach for like 2 weeks so doesn't make sense. Anyway, we usually get the work done in the evenings after the kids are in bed or on a Saturday. It is hard to get work done with the kids around because they all want attention and rightfully so. Sometimes, I try to let them help but that can be frustrating also, so I have to keep reminding myself that these times are bonding and teaching times with them. But realistically, working when they are preoccupied or sleeping is pretty much the only way to actually get stuff done at this point. I think Kat and I both motivate each other to keep working on the DIY projects. Actually, she never stops thinking about the next ten projects so I just do what I can to keep up. 

Question #5 (from Rachael):

Did you have any excellent best friends in college who third-wheeled to Fine Arts with you and sang at your wedding?

Aww...why yes, we did, as a matter of fact! Here's that excellent best friend:) Rach! 

Question #6 to Mitch (from a secret admirer)(okay, fine, it was me):

How do you stay so HOT while DIYing? Is it those sweet sweatpants you don? I must know your secret.

Mitch: Let's just say that if I keep wearing those sweatpants and sporting the 'stache, the bigger family eluded to above will be inevitable

Question #7 (from Charity):

I'm in a rut when it comes to packing my daughter's lunches. Any suggestions?

Kat: My boys don't eat a ton of sandwiches so I have to be a bit creative when packing Ryder's school lunches. Here are some things I've put in there:
  • yogurt
  • cheese (sticks or I just cut some up)
  • fruit 
  • veggies (carrot sticks, or any raw veggies)
  • celery with peanut butter
  • some kind of treat (like if I make cookies, or fruit snacks, etc)
  • peanut butter crackers
  • granola bars
  • cottage cheese with pineapple
Today Ry had a yogurt, fruit, a granola bar, and a piece of chocolate I got from Trader Joe's. When he gets home he has a "snack." I try to keep it pretty healthy, like an apple but sometimes he'll have a "traditional" after-school snack like cookies or a brownie that I've made earlier in the day (with Bryce's help, of course). 

And lastly question #8 (from Denise):

What are some ways you relax, de-stress, or unwind in your home?

Kat: I wouldn't necessarily call it relaxing, per se, but we do enjoy spending "family time" together. Of course this includes eating. As you probably already know, I enjoy cooking (most days anyway) and like having "special occasions" to cook for my family. Most Saturday mornings we eat homemade waffles, baked oatmeal, or pancakes together. 

And sometimes we break out the games. This is DEFINITELY not relaxing (especially playing Monopoly with Bryce!) but it is fun. Ryder is good at games and enjoys playing them. We like to have a movie night every once in a while too.

Mitch and I used to be into playing Candy Crush (true story) side-by-side, but then I got sick of it. Mitch still plays it, I think. And we still just hang out on the couch in the evenings when the boys are in bed. We don't have cable, so watching TV almost never happens in our house, although we've watched some TV series on Netflix (Parenthood and Scandal are some of the more recent ones). 

And of course a great way to "unwind" is chippin' away at a project or two. (notice the sweet sweatpants)

This doesn't count as an "at-home" activity, but by far my favorite way to unwind and reconnect with Mitch is to go on a date with him. Quality time spent as husband and wife (without the kids) is very important to us and we try to go out at least once a month. As a stay-at-home mom, that's one thing that keeps me sane!

Mitch: My favorite relaxer has always been sports. The at-home part of that would be pathetically following the Flyers and Phillies online because, sigh, no cable. Other than that, listening to music, wrestling with the boys, and everything she mentioned above puts me in my "happy place." (Yes I still do play Candy Crush when she isn't looking. Level 221!) 

So, there ya go. Did we answer all your questions? If you think of any more, we'd love to possibly get to that video I was telling you about, so leave a question in the comments or on our Facebook page

Also, don't forget--today is the last day to enter the Noodlehug giveaway! I'm drawing a winner at 5:00 today. 


  1. Totally enjoyed seeing all the old pictures, and hearing the story of how you met! So much fun :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Aww...glad you enjoyed it, Jeanna! And thanks for the questions;)

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I loved this. You two are the royal couple of DIY'ers! And funny. Joey and I both got several laughs from this. Your blog rocks! Love ya <3

  3. I'm pretty sure I didn't ask #7, so that threw me a bit!

    ANYWAYS! I have a comment on #1! The whole "we didn't date at pcc but were BFF" ummm yeah.. about that! Do not be fooled people of the internets! I happened to be the roomie of Kat's best friend and within 48 hours of hitting the florida campus I knew she had it bad for Mitchell Todd as she called him even way back then. BFF's my patootie!!

    1. Ha! Oh Charity...(and yes, it was another Charity that asked #7's question) you called it way back then;) Good times.

    2. Twas not a well-kept secret. Everybody in HS knew too, soooo...

    3. No way! Not THAT far back! (I actually remember the summer after our first year at PCC, we went to a Phillies game and that's when I saw Mitch in a different light...sitting there in the nosebleeds of Veterans Stadium, he became "cute" in my eyes.)

      Oh, those were the days. (college, not HS)

    5. What can I say, I'm crazy smart!

      That and even Helen Keller could tell you had it bad for him :)


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