Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Mantel

Or another title of this post could be Oh Crap, I Should Blog About Something Today but I Got Nothin' So Let's Take Some Pics of the Mantel. But that title is kinda long, so Winter Mantel it is. 

(I can't tell if our TV screen is really dirty or if it's my computer screen. Probably both.)

Fridays are kinda "my" day. Well, Finn and I, at least. Ryder is in school (praise the LORD! These snow days off are killin' me) and Bryce goes next door to Mitch's parents' house where his Mom does "pre-school" with him. It gives me the morning to do something or nothing at all. This morning, after Finn's 20 minute nap (seriously the kid requires like no sleep), we ran some errands which of course included stopping in at a thrift store. I picked up some small embroidery hoops and "made" that little orb you see there on the mantel. Yes, my craft projects are pretty intense. It took about 12 seconds to put together. 

I needed some height on the left side of the mantel, so I stole these bread boards out of the kitchen. They'll promptly return to their respective places in the kitchen after this post, seeing I use them everyday. I liked the wood tone of them, that's why I snagged 'em. 

And lest you think I live in some neat-freak obsessed museum of a home, behold:

This mess is right under the mantel that looks so nicely staged. And I don't even want to show you my kitchen right now. Let's just all ignore the messes and fix up our mantels today, okay? DEAL.

Happy weekend, friends! 


  1. Love your sense of humor and your thrifty tips and decor! Also, glad for you that you have a MIL who is willing to spend time with your boys. As a mother of three boys myself, I know that that is priceless. My sons' grandparents never realized that love is spelled t.i.m.e. It was a loss for all of us.
    Anyway, I seem to remember that you and your husband were thinking about fixing up the barn on your property to live in. If that's still a thought, I recall that Emily Barnes, who wrote a book called Welcome Home, as well as other books, fixed up an old barn to live in. I believe she tells about the process in Welcome Home, and it was quite impressive.

    1. The barn is my in-laws', not ours. :( It would make an amazing house, but would take a lot of time and money to do that! I remember someone else mentioning that book...I'll have to check it out. Restored/converted barns are SO cool. Thanks for reading, Jeanine! :)

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