Friday, January 3, 2014

Surprise! A New Couch!

So the other day, I was out shopping by myself (wait...can you hear it? The angels are singing...) for a Christmas present for Mitch. (I'll have to show you later what I got him...I think you'll like it.) So anyway, after I visited a new vintage shop in town, I was headed home. I'm one of those people who like to look around while driving...I mean, I'm pretty observant. So while at a red light, I looked over to my right, and there sitting on someone's random porch was (what appeared to be) a leather Chesterfield couch. First thought, "What the crap is a leather Chesterfield doing on someone's front porch?!? Second thought, "I'm gonna buy that thing." So around the block I went, pulled into the nice lady's driveway and straight-up asked if she were interested in selling the couch on her porch. She mentioned that they had just got a new one and they stuck this one out on the porch to get it out of the way. Then I offered her $50, she readily accepted, and we were fast friends. I jumped back into my sweet minivan and headed home to pick up the cash. Walking in, I nonchalantly mentioned to Mitch, "Um...I just bought a couch and I'm here to get some money to give the lady." By now, you know Mitch is kinda used to my ways. He never knows (shoot, neither do I) what I'll come home with on any given day. But I did feel further explanation was needed to ease the "more 'new' furniture" blow. So I explained:

Okay, so literally just the other day I started thinking about having our couch recovered in something kid-friendly like leather. We need something that we can wipe down so when Ryder uses the couch for a napkin, I won't flip out but can just wipe that peanut butter and jelly right off. But then I thought, "Shoot, how much would leather cost?" Then I saw this thing. It's meant to be. So really, in the long run, I'm SAVING us money.

Mitch seemed to buy it and then I asked our neighbor (the same one who helped yank our shrubs) if he'd be willing to pick it up in his truck. Jim obliged and we headed out. When I handed over the money to the lady, she was very grateful and said, "Thank you so much! We really need this for Christmas!" So there ya go--it was a win for everyone involved.

I don't think it's leather, but it IS wipeable, so we're good. And it's not in perfect condition--some of the tufted buttons on the seat are missing and there's a rip at the bottom right corner. No biggie (these are minor issues when you have three boys). But overall, it's nice and we like it.

Looks right at home, doesn't it? 

Then of course just the other day, I read this story about a lady finding a snake in her curb-side pick up of a couch and it kinda freaked me out. Oh my gosh...wouldn't that be CRAZY?!? Ugh...still have to get Mitch to inspect the inside of this puppy. That's pretty much my worst nightmare. Seriously. Oh well...have a great weekend, guys!



  1. What a steal! It looks great and I agree right at home.

  2. Now, that is what I call seizing an opportunity!! It looks perfect in your family room!! So sweet.

  3. WHAAAAT? I have NEVER seen a couch like this sitting on someone's porch, but gosh I wish I had! That is an amazing deal. It's like a new member of the family I imagine.

  4. The couch looks great in your room! Fits perfectly with all the other decor. Also you are my hero for knocking on someone's door asking if you can buy a couch. ha.

    1. Thanks, girl! We could have some fun together "shopping" people's porches;)


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