Thursday, December 12, 2013


So what's been going on around here, you might be wondering?? No? Well I'm gonna show ya anyway. In no particular order: here are the latest Hertzler happenins. 

1. Got this sweet galvanized tub on Craigslist. (And also met a really nice lady while at it. I have a habit of doing that...what can I say, I'm overly friendly to complete strangers.) I've been wanting one for a while now to stick our Christmas tree in. (I'll show ya pics of our tree here soon.) Finn's testing it out. I think he approves. I don't know...he's lookin' mighty serious here. In his chocolate-smudged face.

2. Literally every time Bryce puts his shoes on, they're on the wrong feet. Seriously every time. You'd think at least ONCE he'd get it right...nope. (isn't he so cute in his little Awana vest?!?)

3. I posted this pic on MLST's FB page the other day to show you guys my sweet new jacket I bought on Black Friday. I also mentioned the fact that we had a little fender bender in the parking lot. Let me just park here for a second (no pun intended) and fill ya in: 

So we were on our way to Mitch's brother's house for a little hanging outage, and decided to stop at TJ Maxx on the way. I desperately needed a new winter coat, seeing I completely destroyed mine in the wash a few days prior. So I go walking in the store with Bryce while Mitch, Ry, and Finn were on our heels. Or so I thought. After a few minutes of waiting for them to get in the store, I go outside to see what's holding them up. Mitch was chattin' it up with a couple of teenagers and I thought, "Okay, people, he's tall. That's cool. Now get on with your day." (people always gawk at Mitch in public 'cause he's so tall.) Come to find out that the kid was "practicing his driving" and just happened to step on the gas instead of the brakes and went smashing into the front bumper of our van. Keep in mind that this is BLACK FRIDAY and he's practicing driving. You picked the PERFECT day to do that, dude. Seriously. So anyway...that was fun. We just wrapped things up with the insurance company today. Ugh.

4. It warms my heart seeing the boys playing together. Love it so much. And you'll notice Ryder is nowhere near in this picture. No further comments. Bryce and Finn are happily playing "choo-choo."

5. Well here's Ry all smiles, having a great time on the tire swing with Bryce. Yeah, all was fine and dandy until I noticed something. And yes, it was just a head.

6. My brother Tim lives in Michigan but his best friend lives here in PA and has a hearing aid business and this ridiculously ginormous sign of himself inviting people to try his hearing aids at a local grocery store. Well my brother has the same picture saved on his phone and literally every holiday sends it to me with some dumb line like, "Happy Columbus Day! We're HEAR for ya!" And literally every time I get I die laughing. Dumb? Yes. But still funny. (oh and just in case you're in the market for a hearing aid, here's his website. You're welcome, Seth. I've got my ear eye out for ya.)

7. Thought these mugs at Target were cute. Teacher gifts, anyone??

8. Speaking of gifts, I get Mitch a pack of Carhartt socks every year. They're really good quality socks. Plus, they make them in bigger sizes so my man's toes aren't poking out of them. They make great stocking stuffers! (locals, I get mine at Good's Store)

9. I tried on these glasses at the eye doctors the other week and really like 'em. I think I'll splurge come January (they come to like $30 after insurance coverage). And...check out the nails! Lovin' my shimmery GOLD Essie polish (Good as Gold is the name). It's very festive to me without bein' all in yo' face red.

10. I also picked up some Nike Dri-fit socks for Mitch (had to order them due to his size) and it just strikes me as RIDICULOUS that they put an L and a R on them. Does it really make that much of a difference which foot they go on?? Now if we could just get these in Bryce's size...

11. Ry, Mitch and I got to go to the Hits Deep concert last week and it was LOUD fun. Our BFF Brandon hooked us up with some tix.

You should have seen Ry dancing around when Toby was performing. So so funny. The kid's got moves, what can I say?

And this was before the show. We were playing cornhole backstage. Ry and I were on Brandon's team and Mitch was on one of Toby's singer's team. Fun times. (that's Brandon throwing his beanie thing)

12. This is the cake Mitch ordered for me for my birthday. My cute little stick-figure guys. The cake was salted caramel. Yum. 

13. Lastly, this came in the mail yesterday. :)

Okay, that's it. You're all up to speed now...aren't you so glad?! What randoms are happenin' in your life??



  1. I still havne't gotten my TOH yet. Hate that about your car, may be the most expensive piece of clothing you own :) Happy Late Birthday!

  2. I put a little heart on the sole of the toes
    on my kids shoes so all they need to do was make the hearts touch. Worked for our kids. Thanks for the pics. It's nice seeing your family


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