Thursday, December 19, 2013

Off with your (Deer) Head!

Shoot, since we're on a roll here with all these craft projects (see here and here), let's keep the train chuffin', shall we?

The other day while out thrifting, I spotted a paper mache deer thing (planter?? I have no idea) and a craft idea popped into my head. (I had seen this same project done on this blog...check it out.) 

Just happened to find a plaque a couple minutes after the deer spotting that would be the perfect mount for my latest acquisition. That's when I knew I was meant to make "the deer head." You all know how I feel about antlers, so this was right up my alley. 

This is where it gets disturbing. The deer had to take one for the team.

I sprayed the head with a matte black spray paint (left over from this project). 

I sprayed the plaque black as well.

Don't have a picture of this part, but I simply taped off around the antlers and sprayed with gold paint. Then hot glued the head to the plaque.

A quick and easy craft project. The deer head is now hanging in a gallery wall in Finn's room

So, tell me, what craft projects(s) are you gettin' done these days?

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