Monday, December 16, 2013

Casual Christmas Tablescape

I thought since I have all the time in the world, I might as well go ahead and set up my Christmas dining table the way I want it. And when I say "all the time in the world," I'm totally kidding. This is what's really going through my head: 

What the heck am I thinking?? Finn isn't napping, Bryce keeps waking him up by playing "how loud can this train chug," but shoot, by all means, let me play "house" by making my table merry. 

Why do I even try???
(well, it was still pretty fun despite the craziness)

This year I wanted COLOR. And since we already own Fiestaware dishes, I was set. Last year I shied away from the bright hues. Check it out. Here's a pic from last year's table.

Wow. Can we say "BLAND?!?" 

(Man, have I told you lately how much I LOVE our chalkboard?? Doesn't it fill up that wall PERFECTLY?)

So, color. It's fun, isn't it?

And I'm so pumped to show you how I did those mason jar mug things. Okay, whatever, it was just chalkboard paint. I will do a tutorial on what I did though. Look for it tomorrow. If Finn takes a nap. 

I hung paper lanterns from the ceiling. I think they add some whimsy. They actually light up too. (battery-operated)

The centerpiece is made up of some fake greens as well as fresh. I added some pine cones and antlers as well. (we have yet to finish those cabinet doors in the background there...keepin' it real, baby!)

Instead of setting each place setting with silverware, AND to keep with the casual feel of this Christmas dinner, I simply left the silverware in ironstone dishware (that's how they're usually stored in our china cabinet). We eat buffet-style, so family can just grab and go. (This will be the second annual Hertzler Christmas Pizza Party, where I crank out several varieties of homemade pizza.)

Another shot of my latest DIY craft project. EEK! Can you tell I'm super excited about them??

Oh more

Simple. Colorful. Festive.

So do you know how you're decorating your table for the holiday season? 



  1. Nice depth of field on some of those pics. ;-)

    1. Ha...yeah, I have no idea what I'm doing, but thanks!! :)

  2. Love it all all. That chalkboard is awesome in the space! Great photos too:)

  3. Love the colors, LOVE Fiesta (one of these days....). I won't be decorating a table. Heck, we only got our tree up last night (still not decorated).

    1. Ha...yeah, I know how it is! And Fiestaware is awesome with kids--it's really durable.

  4. We're not the type of family that decorates our table but I do love yours. I think all the color is so fun! I love those glasses. I'm so doing this so my kids will stop dirting a million glasses a day.

    1. Yeah I thought those glasses function as namecards AND will save in washing a million glasses at the end of the day. And thanks about the table!

  5. Your table is much more fun this year! I'm sure the boys love it! My mom and sister have Fiesta Ware and we still get our "certain" plate color when eating at my parents house. ha.

    1. The boys do love it...not sure where they get their love of decorating from... ;)

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