Monday, November 25, 2013

Why is the Sky Blue? (It Obviously Shouldn't Be)

Right at the outset of this post, I'm gonna tell you something: in NO WAY whatsoever do I consider myself a crafter. I mean, not at all, people. I'm just not artsy in that way. I remember in my art class in elementary school just copying whatever the teacher did. I couldn't "see" things the way creative people do. I couldn't look outside the box. A purple zebra?? Oh my way. Now having four older brothers, it was a totally different story if you put me on the football field for a little two-hand-touch action. Then, I could kick some creative butt running circles around anyone in my way. But when it came to art, I was kinda a dud.

I didn't fully realize my lack of artistic flair until I had my own class full of 4th graders. I think it was in my second year of teaching that one day I decided to help out in their art class. Not a good idea. I may have suggested to one of my students using the color blue to paint the sky, and the art teacher just about ripped my head off.

"Oh no...they can use WHATEVER color they want for the sky!!" she exclaimed ardently while I sheepishly hung my non-Picasso minded head.

So there's your fair warning. Don't come to me if you want a suggestion on sky colors. Obviously. But having said that, I'm going to show you my little craft that I whipped up this weekend anyway. Can I? Just don't share this post with an art teacher, k??

I made a cake stand. I know...move over, da Vinci. 

Can I show you what inspired me to do this?

Danielle Oakey did a Woodland Christmas Round-up the other day on her blog and these cake stands were one of the festive touches in the round-up. My first thought was, "Shoot, Danielle, you can totally DIY this." So that's what I told her in a comment. She replied back that maybe I should DIY it and she'd follow my tutorial. Ha. Game on, girl. I might stink at picking sky colors, but a challenge? Shoot. Get out the way.

So you may be thinking, "Oh that's nice and all, but Kat, your cake stand is black. The inspiration one is red. What's going on?" 

Glad you asked. You see, I used to do red in my kitchen when it was all cute and '50s-like, but red is bold. Red is daring. Red is good in small doses. So I couldn't pull the trigger on painting my cake stand red. Instead, I couldn't stop thinking about these plates.

I recently saw Holly Mathis design a whole tablescape around these guys and it looks amazing. (Seriously, go check it out.) I loved the matte black of the plates and the gold accent. So I thought I'd combine my two ideas.

Oh and one more thing: I didn't want to spend much money on this project. So I raided my in-law's barn and brought home this candlestick. It was $1.50. It's pretty big. And gaudy (guess I'm not the only one who struggles in the artistic dept.).

 I already owned the metal tray and the rest of the supplies.

 Yet another masterpiece being repurposed. First Shirl's, now Leo's.

I sprayed both pieces with primer first.

Then a flat black that I already had in my stash.

Mitch had some epoxy that I used to glue the pieces together. It worked really well.

Then I used some gold paint for the dots.

When I do get to use this stand (yay for the holidays coming up!), I'll be sure to layer something underneath the food. I'm thinking paper doilies might look nice up against the black. 

So there's my latest "craft project." Not too shabby, eh? Not my worst idea ever. Well definitely not as dumb as painting a sky blue, that's for sure.


  1. Cute! Great for serving and making a pretty tablescape :)

    1. Thanks, Jeanna. Yeah, I love setting out different heights of stuff. It just looks better than flat platters, know what I mean? I'm such a dork for pretty presentation.

  2. Leo's masterpiece got a MAJOR upgrade. Awesome Kat!

  3. Good job! I also love those plates Holly Mathis featured. The combination of both ideas works really well:)

    1. Those plates are amazing, aren't they?

  4. Great idea and the tutorial looks easy to follow. I've never used matte paint before, but I really like the contrast between the matte black paint and the bright dots. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, the contrast is a good one! I'm on this matte & gold paint roll right now...just completed another craft project using it. :)


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