Thursday, November 7, 2013

What I Bought at the Vintage Sale

Of course, you knew with my participating in a vintage sale, I was bound to pick up a few things myself. How can you not while being surrounded by amazingly cool things? I mean really...check it out.

But I've been in this "let's get rid of crap" mode, so I knew I wasn't going to be getting a ton of stuff and I was only going to get things I totally loved. It's always good to be in a purging mood, isn't it? Ahh...seriously, is there any better feeling than getting rid of crap that just takes up space and is in the way? So I wanted to show you guys some of the treasures I got, as well as others that I left behind.

This stool. Man, was I in love with this thing! Isn't it so stinkin' cool? But alas, I had absolutely no place for it in my home. (But I would have totally scooped 'em up in a heartbeat if there were three, and swapped out our kitchen stools for them.)

Entire box for $5? What? Good thing I didn't look through it, 'cause it's box lots like these that can take over your life. Ugh...I've gotten my fair share of these puppies at auctions filled with "stuff" that just sat around. But I'm sure someone was happy with this purchase! And for five bucks...can you really go wrong? 

Um...can you spot something in the background there?

Here...let me help you...check out those tires. Coolest things ever, right? I saw the vendors bringing them in Friday night at set-up and pointed them out to Mitch right away saying how cool they were. Of course when I went to ask about them first thing the next morning, they were already sold! SHOOT! Lesson learned: if you see something you love, get it right then and there. Not sure how much they sold for (one guy bought both of them...greedy old man.) But I totally could see one hanging in a gallery wall with pictures, etc. I told Mitch if our boys' room wasn't done, I would have snagged them Friday evening and stuck them on their wall for sure. (But thankfully their room is done!) So I guess I shouldn't complain. I did ask the greedy old man what he was going to do with them and he actually had the same idea. So at least I know they will be loved and appreciated. :)

So what did I get?? Let me show ya.

This rug. I spotted it in my neighbor's booth on Friday night and saw that it was only $5. So that was a no-brainer and I bought it right then and there. No hesitation that time. You know how I love an antique rug (have one here, here, and here), and I've been really wanting to put one in the boys' bathroom (whenever that project gets underway:/). I'm a sucker for an antique rug in a bathroom. Love that look. Well also in a kitchen, and pretty much anywhere else in the house. Just love 'em.

Then I spotted these massive hooks. And I knew I couldn't live without them. Well...slight exaggeration, but you get the idea...I'm a huge fan. I'm actually a fan of stuff you don't see everyday. And who has a set of hooks like these? Ain't nobody. I purchased them at the end of the day while thinking about them and running outside to the booth where they were to pet them occasionally. I've never seen hooks this size before. They're heavy (cast iron, I believe) and just plain awesome.

Here's a comparison to the ones that are in the master bathroom. See? MASSIVE. Aren't they so cool?!? So I'm thinking they'll go in the boys' bathroom with perhaps a reclaimed wooden shelf lying (lay/lie?? ugh...can never get that one right) across the tops of them. Cool massive shelf with hooks where they can hang their wet towels up. (maybe above the tub?)

And lastly, this butter dish. The lid is super deep. And I love it 'cause it reminds me of the salt dish Mitch got me for Christmas. This guy is vintage though.

And I can stick a whole pound of butter on that puppy and put the lid on. What's not to love?

So that's all I got. See...not bad, right? 

So have you passed on something only to regret later not scooping it up when you had the chance? See, I hate when people say, "Ahh...there'll be more of them..." but really when you're dealing with old stuff like this, that might be the only one you ever see. Oh well, ya live and learn, right? At least I have some massive hooks to hang my hat up on at the end of the day. ;)


  1. I actually bought that salt dish as a random gift in April and not Christmas. Yes I actually just looked it up to verify that too ;)

    1. Ha! Funny...well, thanks for getting it for me. I heart it. And you.

  2. Agldkjgjfmdnfjfndmaskdgjgna WHY DIDNT I GO TO THIS

    1. I briefly contemplated it and I could kick myself now. SO MANY THINGS

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