Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thrifting Treasures

I woke up in a thrifting mood this morning. Yes, there is such a thing as a "thrifting mood." 'Cause there's definitely been times in the past when I've NOT been in a thrifting mood. This usually occurs when I'm looking for clothes and either can't find anything I like or any that fit. Usually it's the latter. Ugh...but today was a good thriftin' kind of day. I was ready for some awesome deal-findin'-action! Then I remembered I have kids. Man, why can't all stores have play lands like Ikea does? I could just drop those little sweethearts off for a couple hours and shop in peace. That would be awesome. But no. They don't. Not all stores are created as equally as awesome as Ikea. So there I was pushing my cart around with Finn flailing all over the place, desperately reaching for things on the shelves, Bryce running around playing hide-and-seek inside the clothes racks, and me telling him for the 67th time "Bye! I'm leaving now!" Sounds like fun, huh? And I always have those people (usually old ladies) glaring at me with that look that says, "Keep your brats under control, would ya?" Well, even though I walked out of the thrift shop with a headache, I also managed to walk out with a few treasures. 

#1. A fun orange toolbox. This will not function as a toolbox in our house though. Mitch already has one. (he better by now!) It'll be some kind of storage compartment. Obviously I have a thing for chippy paint (the box and the bench). 

#2. This runner. The runner that had been in our mudroom was starting to fray. Actually just last night I ripped the fringe off. So it was pretty dang good timing. Pretty sure someone handmade this rug.

#3. Couldn't resist this old wooden box. It'll probably go in the boys' bathroom to hold some of their "stuff" like jars of cotton balls, Q-tips, etc. 

#4. Not sure if I'll keep this little plaque as is or paint it out, but I had to get it for $1. It'll probably go in the boys' bathroom as well. (I'm thinking in a gallery wall.)

#5. We were in the dish section of the store and I said to Bryce (to keep him from breaking something), "Hey see if you can find a train cup!" Within a couple seconds, sure enough, a train cup was found.

And then there's always plenty of other stuff to see. I thought this old workbench would make an incredible kitchen island. Isn't it cool? I posted this pic on Facebook and some of you thought it'd make a great island too, as well as an arts and craft table and a TV stand. I love that you guys think "outside the box" just like me. ;)

All the drawers were already divided up like this. And the two doors on either side opened up to deep cabinets. Great storage options in this beast of a piece.

This fishing basket thing was in the silent auction section of the store. I can totally see it in a gallery wall, kinda like what we did with the canteen on Bryce's gallery wall

Lo and behold, look what else I spotted!

Then there's always those items that are just...well...kinda weird.

We're Flyer fans for sure, but this?? Seriously? 

And this was in among the kids' toys.
For some reason, I don't think it really belongs there. Or in a Mennonite-owned thrift shop either. 

So have you scored something sweet when you were out and about thrifting? You snagged a sexy little bear, didn't ya? Do you even attempt thrifting with kids? Tell me please, what's your secret??


  1. No, I do not thrift with kids. I don't even grocery shop with kids if I can help it. On rare occasions when I do shop with kids, I bring lots of fun snacks and I stuff their face the whole time. Food is entertainment to them. ahahaha
    That bear, I hope you got it for Mitch!

  2. I don't take my little boy with me - he has a number of allergies and all of our thrift stores are more than a bit "musty". LOL. The craziest thing I have ever found while thrifting.....a coffee mug in the shape of a pregnant woman. I went back to the shop the next day (for something else) and noticed it was gone! It was around Christmas time so I can only imagine someone got a really charming secret santa gift. :)

    1. Oh I won't stop thinking about a pregnant lady mug. Gotta get me one of those!

  3. LOL. It was one of those times that you stand there thinking...What? Why? What?

  4. Please keep that mug forever and tell Bryce about it when he gets older. So sweet. Totally jealous of the wood box and run. Ok and the sexy teddy bear.

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