Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Heavy Metal (Cabinet)

I need to stop putting pictures of stuff that I find on Facebook. I just need to stop. 'Cause you know what happens, don't you? It's right there taunting me saying, "Buy me! You know you want to!" Maybe I just need to stop finding cool stuff in general. First it was this and now...well can I show you what I'm talking about?

I randomly do searches on Craigslist just because I can. I have certain "key words" that I use such as awesomely amazing galvanized steel cabinet. Okay, no. That's not what I did. I think I just used the word metal or something equally as boring. And this puppy came up. Well of course I totally thought it was awesome and posted it on MLST's Facebook page. And then you guys thought it was awesome. Then I was screwed. I had to get it.

But first, I had to convince Mitchell Todd. And it wasn't as easy as it's usually been. Ya see, he's kinda swamped with projects that I keep giving him (oops). And when I presented the opportunity for one more sweet project, he kinda wanted to say no. But he has a hard time with that. Here's the reason why: I say, 

Mitch. I mean really. When are we EVER going to find something like this again? Never. Like EVER. This is a one-of-a-kind piece! And I would kick myself every day if we let it go. Who else has a cabinet like this? No one. It's so stinkin' cool. We HAVE to get it. PLEEEASE???

How can you say "no" to a plea like that? People, I try. I try not to be all "gimme this, gimme that" but sometimes you just gotta put your foot down, ya know what I'm sayin'? I had to have this cabinet in my life. All 92 inches of it. Yeah, it's 92" long. Here...let me show ya it again.

Amazing, right? Gah...I seriously love it. So...after I convinced Mitch that we needed it, we packed all three boys in my father-in-law's truck and made the almost-hour drive to the other side of Lancaster to pick up this beast. The sweet lady who sold it to me told me in advance that her husband couldn't help move it since he was recently in an accident and was in pretty bad shape. I thought, "No problem! We got this." I help Mitch move stuff all the time...no biggie.

Oh my gosh...this cabinet weighs like a ton. Literally. Mitch slid it across the workshop where it was located (it served as the man's tool cabinet) and we had to lift it up on the bed of the truck. Halfway through this process, I'm holding my end, which equals a half-ton, and Mitch puts his end down. In that split second, I thought,

Either I'm going to completely crush my hand if I put this thing down, or some other body part is going to be severely mutilated.

So I lowered my end and decided to save my fingers, figuring that my knee could help out. (this is all in .5 seconds) You'd think my knee could support a half ton, but no. This beast of a cabinet slid right past my knee cap, taking with it pretty much the top layer of knee skin. I tried to play it cool, like I totally tried to use the cabinet as an exfoliator, but shoot, that stinkin' hurt like you wouldn't believe. I wanted to pull up my pant leg to examine the damage (expecting it to be a gaping hole in my knee), but alas, I was wearing skinny jeans and the only way I could look at it was if I dropped my draws right then and there. So I sucked it up. And now I feel kinda dumb 'cause it really was nothing. No gaping hole. No ligaments sticking out. Just a little bruise and a teeny-tiny scrape. Whatever.

So anyway, back to the cabinet. What are we going to do with it, you might be asking?? Well, literally as the picture was up on Facebook, I was on Pinterest at the same time and saw this. And my wheels started spinning.

I know...it looks pretty much nothing like my metal cabinet, but there are some similarities, no?

Firstly, the length. That wooden buffet or whatever it is is stinkin' long, just like mine. Secondly, there are drawers. Mine are cooler, but yes, they both have drawers. And the bottom--the wooden one has shelving and mine is open. We're either going to add some sort of shelves down there (numero uno Mitchell project) or add baskets to make it functional.

So you're still wondering where it's going, right? Well we have a China cabinet in our dining room (plus there's no wall long enough in there to house this thing) and we're pretty much good with all our other furniture pieces in our house. Except for in our family room. I've been saying to Mitch recently that I want to do something to our entertainment center.

Don't get me wrong, it's nice and I like it but it was starting to feel "heavy." I wanted something lighter in there, something not so dark. So I was thinking about having Mitch build some built-in shelves like this. Light and airy, baby!

Then Mitch cursed my name laughed at me. Seriously, Mitch definitely doesn't have time to whip those up. Then I thought that I would maybe line the back of the shelves with paper and paint the rest. But then I decided--who am I kidding? I didn't want more work to do either. So...our new metal cabinet is going to function as our entertainment center! Well, as the base part anyway. And somewhere down the road Mitch will construct shelves like these to flank either side above the cabinet to house our immense collection of books random trinkets. (Mitchell project #2)

Cool, right? Cool and industrial, yet adding the wood in there brings some warmth. Love it. So that's the plan. And this post was stinkin' long. (!!) So what do you think? You think I'm crazy, right? Well I know some of you are just as crazy as me and I'm seeing that virtual "thumbs up" right now. Thanks. Us crazies gotta stick together. And now I gotta go ice my knee. Have a great Tuesday!


  1. First thing I thought was that cabinet has to weigh a ton! Once Eric got a hold of how much it weighted I would have ran to the truck and hid because he would totally be giving me the side eye! Mitch is a good man! Plus like you said you will never find one of those again and I am 100% sure no one is using theirs as a tv stand.

  2. I am so glad you got it! Even though it cost a sore knee, I know if anyone can make it work, you can! I think it will look fantastic as an entertainment center. Can't wait to see it set up :)

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