Monday, November 11, 2013

Bryce and Finn's Birthday Party

The cool thing about blogging is that you can record a special day and always have it right there on your screen to look back upon. This post is a record of one of those special days. Last Sunday, we celebrated Bryce and Finn's birthdays. They're only three days apart so it was easy to combine both. 

Oh and let me confess before we get started here, we're not huge birthday party people. Don't get me wrong, we enjoy celebrating birthdays, we just don't go "all out" every year. We like to keep it simple and celebrate primarily as a family. This year for Ry's birthday, he invited one friend over (it was their first sleepover!) and we ate dinner, sang and ate cake, presents, etc. It was nice. I don't have time to stress over party favors, the perfect cake and decorations. My hat goes off to those of you who love "doin' it all up." And I will admire your beautiful partyscapes via Pinterest. :) 

Bryce invited his BFF Hannah over (along with her brother Ethan, Ry's BFF) and the party started with a scavenger hunt. Ryder and Ethan (R, E) and Bryce and Hannah (B, H) had to find certain things in our yard. (Mitch made up the hunt)

Then once they found all the items, Mitch presented Bryce with a map to find the "treasure." The kids loved it.

Racing to find the treasure box!

The treasure box was inside that door of the mobile chicken coop over on Mitch's parents' property.

Here they are enjoying some M&Ms inside their prize bag. Having been only a couple days after Halloween, I didn't go crazy with candy. Lord knows they have plenty of it left over. Other treasures inside their bags were a pencil, bouncy ball, stickers, and a whistle. I placed the little paper bag inside a cup that had each child's initial on it.

Once the treasure was found, it was back inside for some cake.

As per Bryce's request, I made a Mickey Mouse cake. It was the easiest version of a Mickey Mouse cake I could come up with. I don't have the patience needed for an intricately-designed cake. Plain Jane all the way, baby! Bryce thought it was beautiful. :)

Finn had his own little star cake.

Precious memories!

Birthdays are so much fun, aren't they? Can't believe Finn is already a year old! Where did the time go?


  1. All of your b'days are so close together. I guess the good thing is they are close together and you get them all done with until the next year. The bad thing is they are all together. ha. I'm not a big party person either so this is right up my ally. It seems like so much pressure then no one enjoys the day. So kudos for making it a party that your boys loved. Love the scavenger hunt idea. I'm going to keep that one in mind. Mr GQ's cake is adorable and Finn's is so so sweet!

    1. I know...wasn't the greatest planning, huh? Mr. GQ...ha. :)

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