Wednesday, October 23, 2013


You guys, I'm so excited about the progress that's being made to our front yard. Remember the plan?  Well I'm happy to report that it's being executed as I'm typing this. Well...not like right now 'cause it's 9:00 at night...but you know what I mean. Mitch even took a day off of work today and we put a nice little dent in this puppy. Here's a reminder of what we wanted done up front.

Pretty much the whole left hand side has been demo-ed and planted with new stuff (from the auction). We just need to put the weed blocker fabric down and we can stick a fork in those beds (actually we're literally going to do that to hold the fabric down.) Today I want to show you guys how we (well, technically our neighbor) ripped out those arborvitaes on the right there. I was so happy to see those go. Besides digging out a few overgrown bushes a few years ago, we haven't really touched our front landscape until now.

Our neighbor Jim and his son Alex came over with their truck (it pays to know someone with an F250!) and literally wrapped a chain around the arborvitae and hooked it to their hitch and easily pulled those puppies right on outta there. When talking about ripping these out, Mitch and I weren't sure if it was going to be a huge job or not. We were told different things from different people. One guy told us that arborvitaes are really deep-rooted while our neighbor, Jim, told us the complete opposite--they're super shallow and it's a wonder they don't blow right on over during any kind of windy storm. Jim was right.


Well, here, you can see how easy those things came out.

So SO easy, right? 

This was while Alex was pulling the second one out.

You gotta watch this...notice at the very end that Mitch starts hacking away at something. Apparently there were a family of moles living under that arborvitae. (I know he probably felt bad about going after one of them. Shoot, he felt bad killing the rat with his hockey stick in our kitchen!) So yeah, we're both softies...because I also happened upon them the next day while clearing the brush away. (I flung mine away with my we'll probably have moles on the other side of our house now. Great.)

Ahh...SO much better. I literally just sighed as I looked at this picture again. 

Of course (as you heard from the videos), the boys were in on the action. Not quite sure what's going on in this picture other than Bryce managed to grab the chain somehow. Looks a little like payback, doesn't it? Well, can't say I blame ya, Bryce. ;)

There's more to show you so come back soon to see all the progress that was made in our not-so-horrible-looking-anymore front yard.

So have you ever ripped out an arborvitae? Not too bad, right? Have you done any fall planting yet? I still have like 953 bulbs to stick back in the never ends.


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