Monday, October 28, 2013

(Not the) Couch (to 5K) Challenge

I have expensive taste. But if you know us at all, we're cheap as crap. Shoot, we even shop second-handed for Christmas and birthday presents. For example: Bryce's birthday is tomorrow and we got him a Thomas bridge off eBay that he's been wanting for a while now. Saved us about $15. Some people might think it's weird to buy something used for a gift. Not us. Our boys don't care either. They're just as excited to unwrap a box-less gift as they are one that's all strapped down with those annoying ties. Shoot, it's much easier doing it that way, then you don't have to mess with breakin' out the scissors to cut through those unbelievably-hard-to-cut-plastic boogers.

So you get the idea...we're cheap. Pretty much everything in our house is used...including our furniture. So when it came time to replace our $10 couch in our family room, we obviously were going the "used route." I've had my eye on this couch for a while now. It was sitting over in my in-law's barn for years and I always had a soft spot in my heart for it, for some odd reason.

Okay...let me tell you why I like this couch:
  1. It's comfortable. Its cushions are firm, and there's a wooden frame supporting it, therefore it doesn't sag in the middle. 
  2. It's "airy." The former couch we had in the family room had a skirt on the bottom which went all the way to the floor, not allowing for any air flow underneath. That's not a good idea for a basement. Moist air can get trapped under there and cause some not-so-pleasant growth on the underside of a couch. Not cool.
  3. It's durable. Reminder: we have three boys. Three. Boys.
What needs to change:
  1. While I don't necessarily HATE the plaid (I think it's kinda charming, especially in a boy-dominated house), the fabric is literally disintegrating. It's old and has fraying. Doesn't help that Bryce keeps picking at the stuffing inside either. 
  2. We need to get rid of the tufting. Probably half the buttons are already missing, so it's time to go button-less. Plus that's less for the boys to pick at.
  3. I like the sturdiness of the wooden frame, BUT it's super dark and dated. We need to lighten that puppy up. I'm thinking paint. (I considered stripping and doing an oxidization processes to the wood, but then I remembered that I hate projects that take a million hours to complete.) So I'm probably going to do this paint treatment that John and Sherry did to the beams in their living room. 
So here's my challenge. And you might laugh at this one. What can I say? I aim high.

The second couch you see is the Salstram Sofa from Restoration Hardware. It's from their outdoor line of furniture. Oh and it's also ON SALE for $1790 (!). While I know my couch doesn't look identical to the RH one, it does have similar features: 6 cushions and a wood frame. So my challenge is to RH-ify my couch. I'll paint the frame and have the cushions recovered in a not-so-lodgey fabric. I already have the fabric--a soft blue-green velvet that I think will look great on there. It looks similar to this. Soft and calming.

We will have our upholsterer recover the cushions with zippered covers, so we're able to remove and wash them when needed. 

And I love the look of one long pillow stretched across a couch. This image is from Cottage Living (I believe) and I LOVED it years ago when I saw it for the first time and still am a fan. Much easier to keep nice-looking than 5 or 6 different pillows that my boys throw around the room 24/7.

So I'm thinking of just getting one of those body pillows from like Walmart (ooh...maybe I should get a memory foam one...) and having my upholsterer make a cover for it out of the fabric I won from a giveaway.

Treads New Leaf by Kravet

So what do you think? Do you think I can make our couch pretty like the RH one? Am I in over my head? Gotta love a challenge...and this one is right up my alley. Are you facing any design challenges lately? 


  1. Love it. This is great. I am so glad you decided on a way to rescue the sofa

  2. Love it! I love the look of wooden frames couches....and so sturdy! A must when you have littles running around

  3. Yes, that I similar to the one I mentioned before! You can do it!

  4. Light blue gray and chartreuse are SUCH a lovely combination. It's going to be wonderful!

  5. This is going to look amazing! You will be responsible for making the wood frame couches cool again. My Grandmother has a wooden frame couch in her basement but it is more Mid Century Modern. Of course it is plaid...


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