Thursday, October 31, 2013

Make Your Own Chalkboard!

We've all seen and possibly own pictures like this one, right? I mean, even if you don't currently have one at your house, you can always pick one up at your local thrift store. They're a dime a dozen. This particular "painting" is done on canvas and has a nice sturdy wooden frame. But I think we can all agree that it's seen better days.

So I took the nails off the back and removed the canvas. (like my needle nose pliers? Ha!)

The whole thing was pretty dirty, so I gave it a good once-over with a rag of hot soapy water.

Sorry, "Shirl," for what I'm about to do to your masterpiece. Forgive me.

Then I took some chalkboard paint (that I had leftover from this project), and painted that puppy good and black. After the first coat was dry, I applied a second. I didn't want Shirl's sunflowers bleeding through.

Then it was time to paint the frame.

I had some samples from when we painted the back door. I think it's #2--Homestead Green by Benjamin Moore. (Look at how young Ry looks here!) (BTW, we ended up painting the door #7, thanks to your vote. Check it out here.)

The next picture I worked on was this one. It was just a glossy print on fiberboard. And I painted the frame with leftover paint from this project. Yay for a steady influx of projects and leftover paint!

Reassembling the frames

The first frame

This one I lightly sanded with a sanding block, since it was more of a flat finish. That way if/when it chips, it won't look bad. The other one is in a semi-gloss finish and is also a paint and primer in one, so that shouldn't chip, therefore I didn't distress it.

So that's it--a super quick and easy, big-bang-for-your-buck DIY makeover. With a little bit of paint and energy, those tired frames are completely transformed into something useful and functional, let alone pretty cute-looking. (I didn't write on them yet with chalk since I'm patiently waiting for them to fully cure.)

And where are these puppies going, you might be wondering?? I'm actually going to try to sell them. Yep, I'm participating in my first ever Vintage Sale on Saturday! I'm excited and have no idea what I'm doing, but you can be sure I'll be back to report how everything went. Wish me luck, please?! Oh and if you're a local, come on out and say hi. And buy a chalkboard. ;)


  1. Looking forward to hearing how it went!

  2. Poor Shirl. I've done the chalkboard thing to a few masterpieces myself. At one time Shirl's painting was a piece that someone really loved, don't you wonder what our kids' generation will be painting over. ha. I always feel kinda bad about it but it is so much easier than cutting the wood, etc. Oh and love the frame color.


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