Thursday, October 17, 2013

I Bought a Bench...

...and it looks like crap this:

I bought it because it was $15. I thought, "Shoot, I can't pass this up, even if that floral fabric is hideous and I don't have a place for it in my house right now and it'll take more work to fix it up into something I like..." Sure, why not, right? Since I have lots of extra time on my hands these days.

Let's take a closer look at that sweet fabric, shall we?

The fabric is actually not in bad shape. It's just not going to fly in this house. 

So originally I thought this bench would be PERFECT for at the foot of a bed. But we currently don't have a bed whose feet need benched. Then I thought, "Oh well, we can put it downstairs." I really should show you a picture of our downstairs but I'm too embarrassed. So then I considered selling it--putting it right back on the Facebook page where I bought it from. I told Mitch, "Let me live with it for a few days and then if I don't have a spot for it, I'll totally sell it." So hardly a day went by and I found a spot. And lo and behold, it's a perfect fit at the table Mitch is going to refinish for me.

You see, we need other seating arrangements at our table. We have a high chair for Finn which is its own separate station, which is great. Then we have the "big boy" chairs--which Mitch, Ryder, and I sit at, then we have one chair that used to be a high chair that Bryce sits at. And that's the problem. The arms of this chair are too high to fit under the table, so it's a constant struggle to get Bryce to sit there properly. He's always adjusting, trying to move the chair closer to the table, dropping food (I guess that will happen regardless), and just all over the place. It's a hot mess. And stressful. And from what I hear, dinner time is supposed to be this awesome family time where you connect with your offspring and laugh and enjoy life. That's what I hear anyway. So we need to make some changes ASAP.

And since we have some experience reupholstering little benches like this, I think we can make it into something super cute. I'll use some sort of kid-friendly outdoor fabric on it.

And just for fun, I thought I'd show you some inspiration pictures of pretty upholstered benches at dining room tables.

This one is about the same scale as ours.

This guy has a back to it, which is always a possibility to add to ours, right Mitchell? ;)

And I have to show you one of my favorite dining rooms of all time. I was just showing Mitch this the other day and proclaiming my undying love of it to him. I just love it all. And whaddya know...there's an upholstered bench in it.

So anyway, that's the plan. For right now, at least. So how about you? Have you bought something that you had no idea where you were going to put? Spill the beans...I know I'm not the only hoarder out there.

Oh and check out Ryder and Bryce's room featured over on Design Dazzle today!


  1. I am sure a grandma somewhere is crying that you are going to cover up that floral. ha. The bench looks perfect with the table, great idea. It would also be great if you needed a sitting space by a door. Sew a flap slipcover and store shoes under the bench.

  2. I love it when purchases like that work out! So, I'm curious, how do you like and your family like sitting on the bench. My parents have one (banquette type) and whenever we are there the kids like sitting on it!!

    1. The boys like it! We have yet to recover it (who knows when that'll get done) but they enjoy it nonetheless. It's fun to mix up seating:)


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