Tuesday, October 15, 2013

He Said/She Said

Welcome to another edition of He Said/She Said, where Mitch and I look at the same picture (mostly from Pinterest) and tell you what we see. You can read the first installment here

Kat: "Wow. That's just extreme--that bed is ultra feminine, the antlers are ultra masculine, the purple walls, carpet...wow."
Mitch: "It looks like a Munster room."
Kat: "When a piece of furniture is that tufted, it just reminds me of cellulite-y legs. Not attractive."

Kat: "Can you imagine life with four girls?"
Mitch: "Life with one girl is enough for me."
Kat: "Yep. They might be cute now but just think all the drama that'll be in that house when those girls are teenagers."
Mitch: "I'm thankful for my boys."
Kat: "Me too. People probably think we're crazy with three boys."

Kat: "Umm...I don't understand this bathing suit."
Mitch: (laughter) "That's a bathing suit? It's like you can go to the beach then straight to the bedroom afterward."

Kat: "You wish I dressed like this?" 
Mitch: "It looks like the '70s, '80s, & '90s combined. Like they're going out of their way to not dress trendy."
Kat: "Yeah, can't say I'd wear any of that."
Mitch: "Uh...are those jeans under jeans?"
Kat: "Who knows...but I'm sure that they probably cost more than my entire wardrobe."

Kat: "I like an industrial vibe just like the next girl, but this is just too much. There's no warmth at all. Shoot, at least have a wooden floor or something to cozy the place up."
Mitch: "Yeah, it's cold and sterile. And that's a lot of subway tile."
Kat: "So we agree on this one?"
Mitch: "Yeah, I'd say so."
Kat: "You're learnin'."

Kat: "Yeah, I think it's time to splurge on a new belt."
Mitch: "That is $12.99 well spent at Marshall's. It lasted 14 years worn almost every day. That's less than a dollar a year."
Kat: "We are so cheap."

Kat: "EEK! I can't wait for our table to be started done. Can you make it like this one?"
Mitch: "How 'bout I surprise you?"
Kat: "Nope. Stick to the plan."
Mitch: "The plan changes every three days."
Kat: "It's true."

Kat & Mitch: (laughter)
Yes, we're immature like that.


  1. I enjoy this feature on your blog, y'all are always funny. Can you imagine having to vacuum the dust out of all of those tufts on that bed?! And 4 little girls, my dad had 3 and he said he would have taken more girls. I guess you just get use to what you have. At least we are still the queens of our castles. ha. And yeah time for a new belt.

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