Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall-ifying Our Exterior

I posted this picture on MLST's Facebook page the other day with the question--TMP?? (too much pumpkin?) The majority said "NO WAY! There's never too much pumpkin!" while others were seeing orange in their sleep. I was in the pumpkin-overload camp. Don't get me wrong, it's nice, but I think for the average person decorating for fall, it might be a tad overkill.

Although I must say, it was great inspiration for me to build off of. Can you imagine how much it would cost to decorate with that many pumpkins? Unless you lived on a pumpkin farm, no one I know can afford this look. So I toned things down a bit and this is what I came up with for our exterior..

I hit up a road-side stand that sells their pumpkins for super cheap. (It's in Hinkletown, right before the bridge, for you locals.) And another stand for field-grown mums

Even their "fancy" stacking pumpkins were cheap (only $1 each). I love mixing the non-traditional with the good ol' stand-by orange pumpkins. And really, you can't go wrong with cheery yellow mums. The swag/wreath thing I bought years ago and I think this might be the first year it's been in use. I didn't want anything to cover the window on the door, so this worked out perfectly. I simply taped it (there's a wire hanger on the back) right to the glass. For some added height, I borrowed those wooden baskets from my father-in-law and propped up the stacking pumpkins on them. The pumpkins wouldn't have looked right had they been directly on the floor. Height is a good thing. That's why I married Mitch. (he's 6'11" for those who don't know)

While we were at it, I asked Mitch if he could switch out the light. Our former one (the Ottava from IKEA) was pretty disgusting--filled up with dead bugs and such. You might recognize this one as being in the boys' room. (the one after the ceiling fan and the basket light...yes, I have a light fetish.) I really like how it looks out front.

But of course once you start working on something, you see 10 things that need fixed/updated. Take for example, the ceiling in our portico. It's so nasty. I would love to remove the ceiling, make it vaulted or arched (like this one), and possibly put some bead board up there. It would just be so charming. I also took all the shutters off the front of our house, so the siding is somewhat stained behind where they used to be hanging. And that's even after we power-washed it. So I'm going to have to break out the bleach or something to scrub the siding with. 

Also, whoever wired the lighting out here, did a terrible job. (Can you believe an electrician actually lived in our house before us?) There's no electrical box up there. There's literally just wires hanging down from the ceiling. So, yeah, that's driving Mitch crazy and he's going to be making it right here soon (probably when we rip off the ceiling). 

But anyway, I'm trying to ignore what needs to be done yet and just enjoy our little fall display. This little spruce-up cost me just under $20 and it adds that festiveness of the season to our little white rancher.

Yay for fall! What have you done to fall-ify your home? I'm excited to decorate every year now that we're making progress to the exterior of our home. You can see how we decorated our other door last year here.


  1. first of all, gorgeous. secondly, a DOLLAR for those pumpkins? unreal. third, love them on that upside down basket. and last, what are those interesting pine tree looking things flanking the entrance?

    1. Thanks:) The shrubs flanking the entrance are a form of blue spruce trees (on a stick). I got them at a nursery auction. Aren't they fun? I like them because they're something you don't see every day. And the nursery worker said they stay about that same size and you don't even need to trim them for them to stay that shape. Low maintenance is what I'm all about!

  2. I can't believe the deal you got on those pumpkins! Next year I'm hoping to grow my own so I can have a ton to decorate with. Of course I say that every year, but one year I actually did grow gourds and that was cool. Loving the new light. We had a ceiling like that a few years ago and ripped it out. We replaced with bead board and it turned out super cute.

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