Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Changes

While I love living where we experience all four seasons, fall has got to be my favorite. There's just something about donning a sweatshirt and watching college football that gets me in a good mood. Then when you throw in the fall smells--like pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon--there's just not a better season to cozy up to than fall. Love it. 

I'm always ready to switch out my decor as well when fall makes its appearance. Gone are the blue-greens that once graced my living room and in are the more rustic colors and textures. And antlers. Lots and lots of antlers. Can one have too many antlers?

H5--that's us: the Hertzler 5. 

Told's the root Mitch dug out. Isn't it cool-looking?

Changed up the pillows on the couch. I'm diggin' the neutral palate for fall.

I snagged this John Robshaw pillow cover at Goodwill a little while ago. It's fall-y to me for some reason. Birds=fall? I don't know...

The paint-by-number was a recent thrift store acquisition. 

More antlers. Most of the antlers you see in our living room are on loan from Mitch's dad (aka the deer slayer). 

What changes have you made for fall? 
(Whatcha think--too many antlers?)


  1. Nah, just so they don't become weapons of war or a sibling fight. :-) Ma

  2. Ask Eric you can NEVER have too many antlers. We have like a million and he is always looking for more in the woods. I LOVE the H5. So cute. Wish I could come over and cozy up on that couch while you cook me something. Don't worry your choice on what to cook. ;)


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