Friday, October 4, 2013

A Random Post

Thought it'd be fun to do a little "random" post today.

  1. I'm not a very patient person. least not when it comes to people asking dumb questions. My inner "Jersey" unleashes itself from time to time when someone asks me a stupid question. And other times I don't even respond. I just stare at the person and they usually realize that either a.) their question was dumb or b.) they've already answered it themselves. I don't respond because I'm afraid of what's going to come out of my mouth. So the other day I was trying to get rid of some things on a local Facebook "yardsale" page. The name of the page is called "New Holland and Blue Ball Yard Sales." Remember that name. New Holland and Blue Ball. So I posted my picture and wrote "pickup in Blue Ball". So here's the conversation that ensued: (I scribbled out the lady's name and picture)

Seriously, lady?? This is the New Holland and Blue Ball page, for cryin' out loud! I almost didn't respond after the second "I don't know (Idk)" but I mustered up the most polite response I could think of. She didn't respond after that.

2. This has nothing to do with dumb questions 'cause asking your husband for rubber bands is totally a GREAT question. The other day these texts were sent between Mitch and I (I'm in green).

Here they are. Upheld by the Stanley Cup, no less. Untouchable. I guess he scrounged some up off someone else's desk and brought 'em home for me. 

3. Bryce can't get enough of trains. I can't get enough of Finn's fat thighs. Love. them.

4. The "Ryder-head crayon" is my favorite item on the boys' bulletin board.

5. I'm totally considering asking the Mennonite farmer down the road if I can buy this trough thing to use in the boys' bathroom as their sink. Can't ya see it?? The only problem I foresee are the holes where the legs are screwed in at. Dang it. Is there a way around that? Am I totally "Amish" for wanting this thing??

6. Mitch dug this root of a bush out when we were landscaping and I'm totally going to put it in my house somewhere. I love its gnarly-ness. And I'll probably have a family of termites living with us for a while too. 

7. Mitch fixed the fan in Finn's nursery. (Remember when Ry thought it'd be fun to hang from it?) We were worried because this fan was discontinued from Lowe's but Mitch was able to track down the fan blades (it's actually the newer model's fan blades but Mitch tweaked them to fit in our current fan.) Looks totally broken here, but this is a "during" photo. My man is awesome, isn't he?

8. Have to put a picture up of our big 6 year old celebrating his birthday. Ryder James, how quickly you're growing up! Fun times:)

9. I picked up this cute little tux apron at a thrift shop the other day and wanted to take some pictures of Bryce in it. I said, "Now stand up nice and straight for me..."

I finally said, "Okay, I guess you don't want a hard candy..." and he shot straight up and put the cutest little smile on his face. He'll do anything for a "hard candy."

10. And this kid...

he's the best baby. He really is as precious as he looks.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
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  1. *snort* I saw that convo the other night on the page & it took all I had not to give a smart-you-know-what response. Wow, where is that chic from??? Geez, you were nicer than most would be. I wanted to face palm myself!!

  2. Ha! Very cute post. My only quest?! You're a google gal fyi ;) You have a blogger blog (goog!) and a gmail I assume (goog!) Ditch mapquest and come to the google maps! :D With love, a silicon valley brat.

    1. Ha! I'll try to not disappoint next time! Google all the way... ;)

  3. Love the Hubby. Love his rubber band ball. Totally get-it. Love the lids. Love the trough idea for the kids bath. Love the Amish. Pretty much loved everything about this post. I needed a smile today. Thanks.

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