Monday, September 23, 2013

Robot Birthday Treats

This past Friday, Ryder turned the big #6. Exciting times were had here at the Hertzler house, including the making of these little treats that Ry brought into school with him.

At the beginning of the school year, it was requested by his teacher that due to allergies and such, that birthday snacks be prepackaged. Well, shoot. That's no fun, I thought. Remember the days when you were able to bring in some sweet-looking cupcakes? (The fad back when I was in elementary school was to stick a cupcake in an ice cream cone...remember that?) So my thoughts immediately jumped to a snack bag of goldfish...whoop-dee-stinkin'-doo. Then I searched Pinterest and found other these cute guys.

The boys "helped" by sorting all the different snacks into piles. You need juice boxes, applesauces (or some people use fruit cups), Smarties, googly eyes, and tape. I just taped the applesauce to the top of the juice box and the smarties to the sides...easy enough. The eyes I got were already sticky on the back. I wasn't dealing with glue and the eyes not sticking and all that mess. Then just draw a smile on with a Sharpie.

Oh and I made up a little label to stick on the front.

Ry said all the kids loved them so I guess prepackaged snacks aren't that bad after all. Success. Who wouldn't want a robot for a treat, right? 


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