Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back Garden Bed

I had high hopes. I had grand plans. Remember these plans? Our yard was supposed to look amazing this year. But instead, life happened. It was hot outside. Mitch works a full-time job. And we own 17 bikes and 2,358 balls for two of our three boys to throw all over our yard. Dang it. So our plans were canned. But I have to tell ya--we kicked some tail this past weekend in the yard dept. We were hosting a Labor Day get-together and I wanted my yard to look half-way decent. It ended up being a million degrees outside on Labor Day, so we took the festivities inside. (Ain't nobody wanna sit next to a sweaty Hertzler) So on Saturday, we got our yard cleaned up a bit. Not the front of the house, mind you, but at least the back is lookin' pretty good these days, considering this is what that same bed looked like earlier in the season.

Can we say, "STRUGGLIN'!"?

It all started when I started weeding. And then Mitch started pulling crap out of the shed. Including these.

I had gotten those pickets about 5 years ago alongside the road (surprise, surprise) and was dreaming of putting them somewhere in our yard. This is what I dreamed up. Except that fenced-in area is probably the size of our entire yard. 

But that project never happened. I guess we had enough on our plates at the time. So it was time to say goodbye to the picket fence. I was super sad. I get attached to things, what can I say?

Where am I going with all this?? So anyway, one thing led to another and Mitch started splitting some ornamental grasses for me. This thing was completely out of control, as you can see.

I love grasses. They're super easy to grow, they take up a lot of space, and you can always split them to plant elsewhere. As you can see, we're so careful when splitting. JK. Mitch is literally hacking away at this thing. They can tolerate a hefty beating.

Here he is putting it back after it was split into several bunches. Hopefully now it won't crowd my purple coneflower there. 

Then we stuck a piece of the picket fence as a backdrop in the garden bed and kinda just filled in around. I like how it turned out.

We sat out there last night and lit candles. It was magical as Bryce sat there and asked us 37 times for a snack and juice. Pure magic. 

I even plant grasses in containers. That large pot is hiding our propane tank.

See that orb there? It was made from two hanging baskets. I just twisty-tied them together. It's a fun touch. (you can see it here used as a light in our dining room)

So after all that hard work, we went on a well-deserved date night Saturday evening. And that was magical.

How about you? Does your yard look amazing this year? Or do you have a jungle in your beds like we did? You can tour our yard from a couple summers ago here


  1. What a difference. It turned out great. I also had big plans for my yard but just like you life happened and well not much got done. I hope to do some last minute stuff this fall and plan for the Spring.

  2. That was a lot of work!!! Still too hot here in Ga for me to get out in the yard plus I can't walk out there without getting bit a 100 times by mosquitoes ! Love how you added the section of fence:)

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