Tuesday, September 3, 2013

An Interview with the Hertzler Boys

The other day, Kat did another one of her love lists. Of course she asked me to follow up with my own version. I thought it would be cool just to do a post about one of the things that I love the most, my boys! So what I decided to do was come up with 20 questions and ask each of them separately the same thing and record their answers. Unfortunately, Finn had to be excluded since he can't talk yet. At least not in English.

Here are the subjects:

First, I started off with a few easy questions.

1)  What is your favorite movie?

Bryce:  Cars
Ryder:  Despicable Me

2)  What is your favorite book?

Bryce: Train (?)
Ryder: The Berenstein Bears Computer Trouble

3)  What is your favorite food?

Bryce:  Eggs
Ryder:  An apple

4)  What is your favorite animal?

Bryce:  Thomas (yes that would be the Tank Engine)
Ryder:  A lion

5)  What is your favorite word?

Bryce:  Flowers
Ryder:  My name

6)  What is your favorite sport?

Bryce:  Baseball
Ryder:  Soccer

7)  What is your favorite place to visit?

Bryce:  Ma's
Ryder:  Mom Mom and Pop Pop's

Now for some harder and deeper questions.

8)  What do you want to be when you grow up?

Bryce:  An animal
Ryder:  An ice cream truck driver

What can I say, they both aim high.

9)  What is the best thing about your family?

Bryce:  Dessert (Mommy does make some bangin' desserts)
Ryder:  Watching movies together

10)  Who is your best friend?

Bryce:  Ryder
Ryder:  Ethan and Carter

11)  What is the hardest thing about your life?

Bryce:  Picking flowers (rough life)
Ryder:  Cleaning up

12)  What 3 things would you take with you if you were stranded on an island?

Bryce:  Thomas, a toy, and an animal (as you can tell, he is into trains and animals)
Ryder:  A boat, some food, and a bucket of water (what a practical answer!)

13)  What makes you happy?

Bryce:  A birthday cake
Ryder:  Playing on Daddy's tablet

14)  Who is the President of the USA?

Bryce:  Santa Claus (I would vote for him!)
Ryder:  George Washington

15)  Who is Jesus?

Bryce:  God
Ryder:  God

I am happy with that answer.

16)  What is the best thing about summer?

Bryce:  Flowers (Not sure what Bryce's obsession is with flowers today.)
Ryder:  Going on vacation

17)  How old will you be when you are 26?

Bryce:  I can't know that
Ryder:  26

18)  Do you like sharing a room with your brother?

Bryce:  Yeah
Ryder:  No

19)  What do you think about girls?

Bryce:  Toys
Ryder:  (giggles) um they like play with baby dolls and watch movies that are girly

20)  What would you buy if you had a million dollars?

Bryce:  A big basket full of cakes
Ryder:  The tablet that Mommy told me that was 7 inches tall

Well, not sure about you but I enjoyed that.

If you have any young kids, why not use some of these questions or some of your own and get to know them. Its a great way to document what they think about, enjoy, or struggle with at this time in their lives. In a few years, you can look back a have some good laughs and memories.

Also, you can use it to realize the need to start saving up for future things like ice cream truck driving school or a big basket full of cakes.


  1. I really enjoyed this post. :) I think I will have to do this with my kids. It would be fun to look back on.

  2. What a great idea! That was a good way to start my day.


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