Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Lamp, New Look

I was messing around with a new tablescape yesterday and wanted to show you guys. I love styling surfaces--whether it's a tabletop, a mantel, bookcases...whatever the space, I love arranging pretty things on it.

I was recently contacted by lamps.com to review one of their lamps. I chose this clear glass-based one with a cork lampshade for our living room. I'm diggin' the texture the cork brings. Isn't it fun? Kinda reminds me of a cork lamp we had growing up. That lamp was probably from the '60's. This one is fresh and updated. And I like that the base doesn't take up any visual space, since it's clear glass. Clean and simple is the way to go. 

I had this big metal "H" that I thought would look good styled in with the mix but the red wasn't cutting it for me so I painted it black with some leftover paint.

This picture is totally staged since I'm no lefty. Oh the things a blogger must do for a shot. 

So that's it--a fresh updated tablescape. Shoot, soon I'll have to start thinking Fall stuff. Man alive, where did the summer go?

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