Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Love List

Usually these posts are love/hate lists but let's just share the love today, shall we? You can read previous love/hate lists here, here, here, and here.

I'm totally in love with my chalkboard. We use it for keeping track of points for the boys. They do "chores" and when completed, they get a point. Each point represents 25 cents. So far Ryder's worked up to a new game on Mitch's tablet (the kid's obsessed). Bryce hasn't cashed his in yet, but I'm pretty sure he's eyein' up a new Thomas train. 

Another use for the board is learning Bible verses. We go over a new verse each day that corresponds with a letter of the alphabet. This was the primary reason I wanted the chalkboard. 
Your Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against You. ~Psalm 119:11

And finally, we've been making a list of chores/rewards and crossing them off as they're accomplished throughout the day. I'm amazed at how excited the boys get over this. It really does work.

Lovin' that Mitch finished tiling in the mudroom. Originally we were just going to leave part of the wall drywalled but it looked really dumb since everything else is either tiled or planked in there. So he tackled that looming-over-our-heads project this past weekend. 

The grout isn't completely dry in this picture, that's why it looks darker than the other side. I was too excited to wait. We can now cross that puppy off the list.

Love weekend breakfasts together as a family. And I love that Ryder showed his Daddy how to make scrambled eggs. Culinary school, here we come!

This was one project that was looming over MY head and I just kept putting it off since I didn't really know where to start. Keepin' it real, folks. This is under our kitchen sink.

And now we can all breath a collective sigh of relief...ahh.

Ryder was my little helper. He loves organizing. (Didn't think you wanted to see Mitch's plumber's crack. That's the problem when you're 6'11"--shirts aren't long enough, hence the censored pic.) (he's gonna love that I put this picture on here) I got some baskets and wire shelves from the dollar store, Goodwill and my neighbor. (Ha! You gotta admit it's pretty funny though, right Mitch?)

BOOM! Done

I'm loving these fresh picked flowers I bought at a road-side stand the other day. We have those stands all over the place here. They're awesome. #countrylivingrocks

And although I realize summer is officially over (Ry went back to school yesterday), I love this Coke ad. Usually I just skip ads on YouTube when I'm able to but I went ahead and watched the entire thing. You should too (it's a minute long). It's refreshing to see that you actually can have a fun time without drinking beer. Imagine that.

And, yes, I'm that horrid mother who's rejoicing over the first day of school.  

Although, my favorite part of the day is when Ry gets home and we can sit and chat about his day at school while eating a snack.

What are you lovin' lately?


  1. I am also loving that school has started. :)

  2. You really know how to make a house a home. Love all the details.

  3. I'm loving that flower photo, looks so professional! And the chalkboard in the background is great.


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