Monday, August 5, 2013

It's Our Anniversary

(excuse the grainy picture. It's totally a pic of a pic. Classy, I know. I'm still trying to locate our CD-ROMS of our wedding pictures.)

The big #8, baby! So in honor of today, I thought it'd be cool to give 8 reasons why Mitch and I are a good match for each other.

#1. We're each other's opposites.
Mitch is patient. He measured out perfectly and hung each one of these 12 pictures on our bedroom wall. And they look awesome.

Me, on the other hand...not so much. Pretty much whenever I have a spray paint project, I want it done in like 10 seconds flat. Sprayed and dried, that is. I don't bother with a dropcloth. And our washing machine is proof of my impatience. It looks like crap.

#2. Mitch likes my cookin' and I like cooking for him. I can't remember his criticizing my cooking once.

#3. We're Phillies fans. Although neither of us could care less about them this year since they totally rot. That's right--we're TRUE Philly fans. (i.e. love 'em when they're winning, hate 'em when they suck)

#4. We're both cheap as crap and proud of it. We took this free shed and transformed it into a real looker. (read about that here)

#5. While we're super cheap, we know when to get rid of stuff too. We Mitch pulled all these closet doors out of our basement and torched 'em (after they were sitting there for several years).

I didn't have a place for this little side table that I made over, so I sold it on Craigslist. (and made a few bucks while doing it)

#6. We're practical. Nothing screams "sexy anniversary present" than a new screen door. I've been dying for a screen for our sliding door and asked Mitch if that could be our present to each other this year. He found one (actually there were 2 in the box) on Craigslist for $100. Which is super cheap. They had our name written all over them. I love leaving the door open all day!

#7. We laugh at the same stupid stuff. Yesterday on the way home from church, we saw this guy. And laughed.

It just looked funny--all decked out in a suit riding a bike. Then when the light turned green, we heard another bike peeling out and thought it was this dude. We laughed some more.

#8. We're twinkies. Although he is a foot and a half taller than me, we're two peas in a pod; he's my Romeo, I'm his Juliet; I'm his Abbott, he's my Costello; he's my burger, I'm his shake...

Happy anniversary, Mitchell Todd! I love you. Here's to many more.


  1. Love this! You guys are adorable.

  2. So cute! Happy Anniversary! :)

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