Friday, August 23, 2013

I Won a Giveaway

A special delivery just came via the UPS man. It was a package from Sherry Hart. Ya see, I won a giveaway she was hosting last week. And I feel like I live in Rainbow Land, where all is happy and bright 'cause I never win ever. 

I won that flowery pillow right there. And literally as soon as I opened the box and pulled out the pillow cover I said to myself, "It's a good thing I'm a pillow hoarder 'cause I have a pillow that would work with that cover." See, there's always a good side to every obsession.

Ya know what else Sherry gave me? This glorious goodness:

Some fabric that I'm going to take to the upholstery farm and have my new BFF make into pillow covers. Duh. And a fabulous book that has this picture in it. 

 I'm LOVING this look right now--same color (or very similar) on the walls and trim. I'm really wanting to try it out in the boys' bathroom. Can't wait to dive into this book this weekend.

And she also gave me some botanical prints to frame. And you all know I'm kinda a fan of botanicals. 

More pictures of our master bedroom here.

So I'm excited. I just got to play around with pillows. Actually, I guess my boys like to play around with them too. *This is not staged and is going on right now in our family room.

Yep. That's an entire Pack 'n Play full of pillows. 

Have a great weekend, guys. And when you get a chance, stop over at Sherry's blog. She's an interior designer in Atlanta and is super talented as well as hilarious. You'll love her for sure.


  1. I am so glad you are happy with the winnings! If you are like me that pillow will be there for a "hot minute"...but it sure looks good with what you have going on right now:)

  2. Congrats on the giveaway! I won one of Sherry's giveaways once (I never win anything either!) and it was all fabulous stuff. Love that pillow. Love the pack n play full of pillows more. Absolutely something my girls would do!

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