Thursday, August 22, 2013

He Said/She Said

It all started in this post when I uploaded this picture of Ina's kitchen. I was sitting there with my laptop, Mitch was next to me (playing Candy Crush) and I said, 

Man, isn't this...
and I paused for a half second and Mitch chimed in 
...island ridiculous? Yes.

I literally laughed out loud because in my head I was totally thinking this kitchen is AMAZING. And Mitch pointed out the fact that that island could probably seat an NFL football team and is in his words ridiculous

So the whole thing got me thinking how it'd be fun to start a "he said/she said" segment here on the blog since I'm fascinated that two people can look at the same image and see totally different things. Shoot, even when I occasionally peek over and watch Mitch conquer another level on Candy Crush, I'm surprised at the moves he makes...totally not where I'd go. It's interesting, isn't it? I'm not promising a weekly delivery or anything of the sort, but on occasion we'll whip out one of these posts for your enjoyment. So here we go...just some things that we observe from these images.

Mitch: I like the buffalo head the best. What's up with the speakers though? There's no TV around.
Kat: Maybe it's just for music? I love the high ceilings and that corrugated metal--how cool is that! There's just so much texture in this it.

Mitch: That's pretty funny. I don't understand these bowls. Do they fill up with water and you fold them up into the wall? That doesn't make sense.
Kat: I think it's cool. Although Bryce would see that as his train station and fill them up with his trains. Or cereal. Or his sippy cup.

Mitch: Oh that's one of those doors. What do you call it?
Kat: Dutch door. We have one, remember?
Mitch: Well it's obviously fake.
Kat: What is fake?
Mitch: The picture. I mean it's staged. The kid is just sitting there looking at the camera. Is this some kind of TV room?
Kat: Don't know. But those poop brown walls along with the red accents would drive me crazy. And I know that fabric is Schumacher and is all 'designer' but I don't think I could cover an entire chair with it. Too much drama.
Mitch: Yeah, I don't approve.

Kat: Can you make me one of these?
Mitch: Doesn't look too hard.
Kat: Well, get on it!
Mitch: Yeah, for all the times you're gonna be drinking tea out on the wood pile.

Kat: What do you think of this?
Mitch: I have no thoughts.
Kat: ??
Mitch: I don't get it. It's just a bunch of random colors thrown on there.
Kat: I think it's nice. I'll have Ry whip one up for us.

Kat: What do you think of this fabric?
Mitch: It looks evil.
Kat: Huh?
Mitch: The first thing I saw was this mean face going like 'AHHH'...

This is what he saw:

Mitch: Mmm...what is it? Tator tot waffles?
Kat: Yeah, I think so.
Mitch: Looks good. Pour some syrup on that...
Kat: What do you mean syrup?
Mitch: Why not?
Kat: Would you pour syrup on your potatoes?
Mitch: How do you know you won't like it unless you try it? I'd try it.

Mitch: It's pretty cool.
Kat: It would be so annoying having to get up every 2 seconds to move your thingy.
Mitch: You can sit there and strategize about your next move.
Kat: This is checkers, not chess.
Mitch: Have you ever played checkers with my Dad?
Kat: No.
Mitch: It takes like an hour to play a game with him.
Kat: Dumb.
Mitch: Hey, professional checkers players...
Kat: You've got to be kidding me. Professional checkers players?? Now THAT's ridiculous.

Most of the images were taken from my Pinterest boards...follow along here.


  1. Love it! Sort of a Mars and Venus kinda thing. Looking forward to more in the future.

  2. Absolutely my favorite think I've read all morning.

  3. Well the only good thing about being back at work is I will have time to comment on blogs. Blogging and pumping, what a combo. Anyway this is hilarious. Tell Mitch I noticed the speakers also, could they not get smaller ones?! looking foward to more of these in the future!

  4. Today I am grateful for following your blog. Enjoyed that very much.

  5. haha! Great series. I love the dual perspectives!

  6. I like the tater tot waffle thing! With syrup.

    1. Yeah...still haven't tried that one. But it sure does look good!


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